10 photos proving that living together is a thrill

People meet, fall in love and at some point make a decision to move in. What is desirable to remember before you start packing?

Living together is an important and interesting stage in the life of any couple. Of course, this is also a serious test of relationships, and in reality everything may turn out to be not quite the way you dreamed. Still, life is a cruel and merciless monster, able to absorb even the brightest feelings, but if you stick to two basic principles in living together, then it is quite possible that everything will turn out well.

Basic principles of the beginning of living together

1. Do not try to seem better than you are.

Trying to be perfect to impress your lover is commendable. But remember that if you lick an apartment at the beginning of a relationship, cook the first, second and poppy seeds for dessert, and in fact calmly manage with lettuce and yogurt, then sooner or later your man will know about it and be disappointed.Say at once that, for example, you have little time for cooking, but you do not mind indulging him with a delicious homemade dinner on weekends. Comfortably should be not only a man, but you. Remember that any compromise with itself, which you do not like, is a mine with a clockwork.

2. Mark the boundaries.

From the very beginning paint a picture of what is fundamentally important for you in the house where you live. If you are thrown into a cold sweat of horror, when someone enters a room without knowing anything or leaves dirty dishes for the night, tell me about it. No need to endure and reluctantly try to pretend that everything suits you. Also remember that there are little things that you do not care about, and he is important, so try to be attentive to his habits and preferences. If you discuss such things in advance, you can easily avoid conflicts in the future.