4 diseases with which to give birth to a healthy child will not work

If your biological clock hints that it is time to think about the continuation of the species, and you yourself are ready for motherhood, begin to embody your desire with a visit to the gynecologist.

Your task is to bear and give birth to a strong baby, and also to preserve your health. That is why it is important to make sure that you do not have female illnesses that can complicate pregnancy. About what diseases are capable of it, and what conception and childbirth is not a hindrance, tellsIrina Belyakina, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Women's Diseases and Reproductive Health, NMC them. NI Pirogov, leading gynecologist at Real Clinic.

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Treat necessarily

1. Ovarian cysts

Despite the fact that some types of cysts can pass by themselves, such formations can affect pregnancy not in the best way. The main danger is that a large cyst can rupture, fester, or cause an ovarian torsion, which interferes with its blood supply and often causes necrosis.All these situations are acute, require an ambulance call. The solution here is only one thing - surgery, during which only a cyst can be removed, and the ovary can also be removed. After all, otherwise, a cyst is a direct threat to both the future mom and the baby.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis

The disease seems harmless. But it can cause an abortion. During bacterial vaginosis, the state of the vaginal microflora changes - the number of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms increases, the number of beneficial lactic acid bacteria decreases. In a healthy woman with good immunity, this condition can go away on its own. But when planning pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis must be treated! Any inflammatory process in your body can provoke inflammation of the membranes or placenta, and this greatly increases the risk of miscarriage in both early and late gestation.

3. Cervical dysplasia

The current name for this disease is cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, abbreviated CIN. And if such a diagnosis appeared in your medical record, then you will not be allowed into the pregnancy.CIN1 and CIN2 are manifestations of inflammatory processes in the cervix, and CIN3 is a borderline followed by a cancerous degeneration of cells. While carrying a baby, your body will work in a state of heightened tension, which will only exacerbate changes in the cervix area. Yes, and the inflammatory process, especially against the background of reduced immunity during pregnancy, will not benefit either you or the unborn baby.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases

At the preparatory stage for pregnancy, you will definitely be tested for chlamydia, Trichomonas and gonorrhea. And if they detect pathogens, they will be treated. Only then can you plan for conception. All sexually transmitted infections can cause termination of pregnancy, influence the development of the fetus, increase the risk of developmental defects of the growing baby.

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Treat according to indications

Uterine myoma

This is a benign tumor of the muscle tissue of the uterus. Whether it is necessary to treat myoma before the onset of pregnancy, or it is possible not to touch it, depends largely on the size of the tumor and its location.If it is small, does not go into the uterine cavity, then such an education does not interfere with the baby’s nursing. And if you are not set up for an operation with such introductory surgery, then a doctor with a calm soul will let you go into pregnancy. If the myoma node is large, located under the mucous membrane of the uterus and grows in its cavity, it provokes a lot of blood loss during menstruation, pain, it is important to cure this disease before the onset of pregnancy. In this case, you should not delay the operation.

Can not cure

Herpes cytomegalovirus

WHO believes that women who are planning a pregnancy should not be examined at all for these infections. Although in our country, at least for the herpes virus, tests are taken to make sure the expectant mother is infected or not. And just the same, if you have both cytomegalovirus and herpes (they detect class G immunoglobulins in the blood), this is an excellent background for pregnancy. The doctor can be sure that the primary infection during childbirth will not occur. In principle, to avoid such infections is impossible. They are transmitted by airborne droplets and, according to statistics, are found in 98.8 percent of people.These infections cannot be cured, they will accompany you all your life. The main thing - to achieve their stable remission.