8 unusual coffee tables that will surprise your guests

Do you like to gather at home in a cozy circle of guests and households? Want to truly surprise them with an unusual element of the interior? Replace the usual coffee table with one of these 8 original models! Each of these tables was created to decorate the interior and add spice to it, sophistication or just newness. Surprise guests and household guaranteed!

Brilliant avant-garde

This stunning transparent table is not too out of the general style of the interior, but at the same time it adds a feeling of freshness. You can choose a V-shaped or U-shaped model, according to your own preferences.

The table, due to the transparent walls, does not make the space around it heavier. Inside he has a department where you can store small things.

Black leather coffee table

It looks incredibly fashionable and at the same time concise. Leather material makes this table a cozy and soft addition to the interior.Perhaps you can even sit on such a table or, if you wish, throw your legs on it after a hard day’s work.

Simple wooden table with a special storage system

A wooden table will suit absolutely any interior and will add style to it. However, there is something interesting in this model: inside it there are special compartments for storing things. See how it can be conveniently decomposed and just as conveniently assembled back without taking up much space in the house!

Traditional wooden coffee table

With this model, you can create a real coffee corner at home! The table is indeed multifunctional: it can be used as a stand for a coffee machine and a set of service. Even so, below, he still has free compartments for storing other dishes!

Wooden table on wheels

This is an amazing addition to the interior in the French and romantic Provence style. The wooden base of the table makes it versatile. At the same time, the original small wheels, on which it stands firmly, give the table a unique and charm!

Incredibly low coffee table

This table will appeal to you, if you like cozy and quiet gatherings with friends. You can conveniently sit on the floor with pillows, and on the table to put your favorite drinks and snacks. Unusual pastime in the circle of loved ones is guaranteed!

Glass table with golden decor

Golden color, which is considered screaming, on this table looks absolutely appropriate. Transparent base in combination with the unusual decor of the legs create a composition worthy of admiration.

Beautiful table-terrarium

This is an extraordinary and at the same time relevant table that combines two functions at once - decorative and practical. Such a table is sold already in finished form or, if necessary, you can find an “empty” model and fill it yourself with stones (maybe colored?), Leaves and branches, artificial flowers - the list can go on!