A few simple tips to help your hair stay clean longer

In some people, the hair becomes greasy, and therefore dirty, literally the day after washing, and sometimes even earlier. This can not but bother and, of course, not annoying. In fact, increased fat content of hair can be avoided by following the simple advice of professional hairdressers. This should become a habit - then the hair will be clean and beautiful for a long time.

Do not wash your hair every day

At first it's hard to get used to it, especially if you used to wash your hair every day. However, by frequent washing with shampoo, you wash the sebum too fast, thereby making it develop faster and more intensively.

Do not overdo it with a hair conditioner

Use a very small amount of conditioner, try to apply it only on the ends of the hair.

Do not brush your hair too long.

This does not mean not to comb them at all. However, some people spend too much time on this for 5-10 minutes or more combing their hair. If the hair is often confused, it may be worth changing the shampoo.

Use cosmetics suitable for you

Incorrectly selected shampoo and conditioner can cause increased hair greasiness. On this issue is to consult your hairdresser.

Get rid of the habit of touching your hair

If you catch yourself thinking that you often curl curls on your finger, then make an effort to get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

Try not to straighten or curl your hair too often.

Heating deforms very strongly and also pollutes the hair. Daily straightening with ironing along with improperly selected makeup can be the reason that you have very fatty hair.