After all, she still fell in love with a guy, as she didn�t repent that she never, never ... And he behaves very well ...

I can not understand I need him or not ... how to check it? tell me, pliz! just ask not trivial advice
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Guys often behave strangely. Rather, it seems to us so because we have a completely different psychology and views on the same things. Try to check his feelings with the help of imitation indifference: be late for a date, do not call him at the appointed time or in any other way. If a guy values you, he will start worrying, calling and looking for you. Check how serious he is in your relationship. Offer to introduce him to your relatives, friends (if this has not been done yet). And according to his reaction you can draw conclusions. Do not just arrange a test of loyalty with the help of a friend.The guys are polygamous by nature and you can lose a loved one and girlfriend.