And this is an idea for unmarried women!

Ira was widowed at 68 years old. The first year she stupidly wandered through her spacious three-room apartment, stunned by loneliness, and really wanted to die. So, literally, she was not ready to end her life, but she came up with indirect suicide: Suffering for 15 years with diabetes, Ira began to devour cakes, sweets, ice cream in furious quantities. All that did not allow herself for many years. She was waiting for a coma. But time passed, and sugar, despite the stress and gluttony, was normal. I could not die, I had to live on.

Son with his family for many years lived in another country. She saw her sister-in-law three times, her granddaughter five times. It would be possible to them, sluggishly called, but an alien world, a foreign language, strangers seemed worse than death.

"Get married," the friends advised, "you can not go alone, you will not live on a pension." And they introduced Ira to different elderly men, who only caused her one feeling-gag. However, loneliness was unbearable. And Ira advertised in social networks:

“I invite an elderly lonely lady to live together.”

Already 8 years In Irina apartment a daily holiday. Three elderly, well-groomed, merry beauties celebrate their existence. They combined their lives, their pensions, their interests. They have a car, a dacha, quite decent money for the rented apartments of two girlfriends. They with sticks for the Scandinavian walk rush through the park, swim in the pool, run around the theaters, exhibitions, concerts, receive guests and have a rest twice a year at the best resorts. And they never quarrel.