How to mine a horse in Minecraft?

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How to mine a horse in Minecraft?

In the world of Minecraft there are not only fairy-tale characters, there you can meet quite ordinary animals. Most of them are friendly to the player, they can even be used on the farm. Below, it will be described how to tame a horse and ride it in Minecraft.

A bit about horses in Minecraft

The horse is a friendly mob: if you tame it, the animal can be used on the farm and you can also ride it. In Minecraft there are several colors of horses, in this game you can even choose the location of spots and tanning, as well as the color of the animal. As a result, the player can create a lot of different horses. These animals can stand up, expressing their discontent, eating grass, waving a tail. Horses spawn only in the flat biome.

Ways to tame a horse in Minecraft

To tame a horse, you will need to take a rope with you so that with the help of it you can tie an animal to a fence. First, take the rope in hand, click on the horse,and then right on the fence. This will facilitate the process of domestication; if there is no fence nearby, then work will be delayed for a longer period.

There are two methods to tame a horse. The first is very simple: you only need to sit on the animal on horseback. However, this is quite dangerous, as the horse will try to throw you off. For this reason, you will have to sit on it again and again. If you show patience, the animal will give up after numerous attempts. Undoubtedly, the process is time consuming, but it is worth it.

In the second method, you will need fruit, namely, apples. Go to the animal and stretch it to him. Once it has eaten them, mount your horse on horseback. She may try to throw you off, but this happens very rarely. Most often hearts appear on the screen. After that, the animal will be tame, and it can be taken home.

You can tame in Minecraft and other animals.