Beautiful paper dahlia

In winter, you want to feel a piece of summer or spring. I want to decorate the interior with something bright and sunny. Today I will help you fulfill your desire and teach you how to create beautiful bright flowers for interior decoration. What you will need: Color paper. Ruler, scissors, pencil.PVA glue or any other reliable glue for paper.
 What you need
First we need to cut a circle for the base of our flower. Cut it out of any paper, it will not be visible, and set aside for the time being.
 cut a circle for the base
Now take a new sheet colored paper and begin to line it. We need squares 7 by 7 cm.
 we begin to outline it
Cut out all the drawn squares. This can be done with scissors or a stationery knife, as someone is more convenient.For a flower, we need squares from one whole and one half of A4 sheet.
 Cutting all the squares
Now the most time-consuming, but rather interesting work begins. We begin to twist our small squares into small envelopes, such as those in which grandmothers seeds used to be sold.
 twist the squares
When twisted all the squares, take the circle set aside earlier for the basics and start collecting dahlia. Sticking the first row of petals and hiring it to dry.
 start collecting dahlia
Now it's time to glue the second row. Petals of different rows need to be glued in a checkerboard pattern.
 we collect dahlias
We also glue the rest of the rows in the same way until the whole base is filled with sachets - petals. It's that simple, but not very fast, we've got a beautiful dahlia. It can be hung on a wall by a rope, glued onto a postcard, inserted into a frame, attached to a leg and put in a vase.In general, there are plenty of options!
 Beautiful paper dahlia
Such a beautiful flower made of paper looks like a real dahlia. Guests, having seen him, will not believe that you made it yourself! Make many such flowers and present to all your friends, they will be delighted!
 Beautiful dahlia from paper