Best dresses and dresses for the prom (43 photos)

For many girls, graduation is the most important event in their entire school life. Each girl dreams to be the most compelling on this day, which is why the preparatory activities begin, long before the onset of a landmark date on the calendar.

Naturally, to make the girl look stunning at her graduation party, she needs to think over her image and prepare the appropriate accessories. The most interesting dresses and dresses for the graduation party of 2013 we have prepared for you.

What is a graduation party? This event is of great importance for every student and not the most significant event for an adult. Growing up, we realize that everything that was connected with the school is something not serious, comic and sometimes stupid. No, we all, of course, remember with care the great period of our life, but in due course we forget the importance of the graduation ball.

That is why often young girls are faced with a misunderstanding of their parents at the time of preparing for the ball.Adults begin to argue, they advise you not to throw out money for an outfit that you will wear once in your life and as a result, absolutely everyone will deteriorate. We urge parents to remember and put themselves in the shoes of their children and, together with their courage and wallet, start searching for a dress for the prom girl.

Which one to choose?

In 2013, young women of fashion smiled luck. They will be able to put on stunning dresses, their choice is simply amazing. Whatever figure a girl has, she will be able to find a dress that will flawlessly sit on her. Despite the fact that no one has strict requirements for graduation attire, it is desirable that your dress be fashionable and stylish. Let's see together what version of the prom dress can be put on this year.


Well, this year, lace is literally haunting us everywhere. Here and for the prom, designers advise to choose an interesting dress of lace. The length of the dress does not matter. If you have always been the queen of shocking and did not differ modesty, then you can safely wear a short lace dress.

Please note: a lace dress for the prom should be a gentle, pastel color.

If this option has long sleeves and a closed neckline, but you completely expose your back with a deep cut-out, we guarantee you will become the goddess of the evening. For more modest girls fit midi lace dress - length or in the floor.

In greek style

A girl with not the most ideal figure does not need to worry that she will not be able to find a beautiful dress. The best prom dresses in this case will be Greek. They are sewn from lightweight, one can even say weightless fabrics and without extra accessories look quite solemn.

This style perfectly fits young girls. The dress may be a bright color, but you are entitled to bet on an innocent look and wear a Greek dress of lilac, beige or white. Supplement the dress with the appropriate hair and neat hoop. A laurel wreath on your head is not necessary.


Similar options for dresses in this trendy season relevant. They look unusual and interesting. Asymmetry may be present on both floor length dresses and ultrashort models. When choosing a dress like this for a graduation party, it is worth taking the selection of accessories especially seriously. Especially good with asymmetrical dresses look bracelets.By the way, these styles will appeal to rebel girls, because with their help you can create a cool image of a rock star.


Of course, at the time of graduation, many girls dream to be the most adult, beautiful and sexy. All this can be achieved by wearing a short dress for graduation. It can not only attract attention to itself, but also significantly simplify the life of a young princess. Because the time for proms begins in the summer, and as you know, it is characterized by heat and unreal heat.

Such weather and plus an uncomfortable and unusual long dress can not only spoil the mood, but also impair health. In a short dress this never happens. Moreover, the choice of such dresses for prom is huge and all models are very interesting.


A long prom dress will never cease to be relevant. However, in 2013, long dresses should be special. The presence of a corset on it is not permissible, however, as a full skirt with rings. Let's just say the royal styles of dresses, which imply a huge pomp, are now a sign of bad taste.

Yes, and you do not need such a style, because the girl in it will be incredibly inconvenient to dance, walk and sit. Better choose a model of a long evening dress. To add a highlight to your image, we recommend choosing an outfit with a slit or an asymmetrical top.

In nautical style

In 2013, designers offer young graduates of the school to plunge into the atmosphere of the sea and ocean. Blue, blue and turquoise colors are the most fashionable. Dresses can be of different styles, the main thing is their color. By the way, a similar color scheme of the dress, rather, stands out favorably in the crowd and looks great in the photographs. In addition, the turquoise color perfectly emphasizes the freshness and youth.


Despite the fact that in many models of dresses there is a tendency to calm and gentle tones, this year there was a place for brightness. It is achieved by the unusual colors of the dresses. The combination of a standard cut and a bright print looks very stylish. Complement such a dress with modest ornaments and hairstyle and you will be the queen of the school ball.


What could be better for a prom than a bright and shiny dress.It is certainly created to attract the views of boys, teachers and envious girls. Glitter is not a sign of bad taste, but rather the opposite. Pay attention to the golden, black, silver and blue shiny dresses.

The choice of dresses for the prom is quite large. Therefore, if you want, and it certainly is for every schoolgirl, you can pick up the perfect outfit. Search for the dress of your dreams should be a couple of months before the holiday. Decide on the budget in advance and do not dwell on the price of the dress, because there is no guarantee that the most expensive will look beautiful on your figure.

Go to the prom in a good mood and keep in mind only positive moments.

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