Cover with embroidery "BlueVortex"

Blue Swirl Embroidery Cover- decorate the cover of a diary or photo album with tender radodendrons and exquisite beads.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white beads;
  3. light blue fabric 42x42cm;
  4. light blue polka dot fabric 27x70cm;
  5. light blue polka dot fabric 27x38cm;
  6. photo album;
  7. Pearly buttons;
  8. white rep ribbon 50cm.


Step 1

Cut the outline with embroidery, retreating from the embroidered area 2 cm to the left, 3 cm above and below and 11 cm to the right. Pin it with pins and sew a piece of medium blue fabric on the left side of the embroidery.

Unscrew and iron the seam. Cut a piece out of a light blue fabric with polka dots of the same size as an item already sewn. Kick with both pins the two parts facing inward and sew them to thetypewriter, leaving a hole to turn the product on the face.

Turn the product over to your face and sew a hole with secret stitches. Wrap the right and left sides towards the middle, thus creating pockets about 8 cm wide.

Take a suitable blue thread and a sharp needle and sew the upper and lower parts of the pockets. Be careful to sew only the inner fabric. Complete the work by adding a pearl button and a white ribbon on each side.