The house burned down: what to do?

It is unlikely that can be compared in the amount of damage than the fire. Unfortunately, it so happens that as a result of the rampant of the elements, your house is completely burned out, and you practically remain on the street. And if the house burned down, what should the residents of the fire victims do in this case?

What to do if your house burned down

  • If such a misfortune happened to you, then the first thing to do is to go to the Emergencies Ministry for a certificate, which says that your house burned down in a fire. Without this help, all further actions simply do not make sense.
  • The next item is you go to housing and communal services, which should check the water supply, heating and power supply systems for their suitability for operation. A private house or apartment burned down, you still have to go through this commission. As a result of this check, you will receive a formal opinion.
  • Then you must go to the municipal construction committee for a technical opinion on the suitability of your burned-out house for living in it. If this house or apartment was state-owned, then this procedure will be free for you.Otherwise, you will have to pay for this service.
  • Then you start writing letters asking for material support. They need to be written by the head of administration, in housing and communal services and social security agencies. Do not forget to make copies of the letters before sending them. In case of refusal of assistance, you can submit them when enqueuing the housing stock.
  • When you collect all the necessary documents, you can go to the administration to write a statement in which you indicate that as a result of the fire you were left homeless, and you need either compensation or a new apartment. If the technical report stated that your housing is suitable for exploitation, then you are only entitled to compensation. If this document says that you can’t live in your home, you can count on a new home.
  • So, you put a new living space. To put you in the queue, you need to collect the following information: about income, about paid taxes, about family composition, about cars registered by you. When all documents are collected, you just have to wait for the receipt of housing.

There is a popular belief that it is impossible to build a house on the site of a burnt down. Rumors are hearsay, do not always believe them.The law on this issue is the answer: if the land, but which was your home was yours, then you can build a house there. If the land is not yours, then you need to start building within three years from the time of the fire, then no one will take it away from you.

Selling a burned-down house is difficult, if the house is not completely burned down, then you can restore it, at least partially, and try to sell it in that form. If the house is completely destroyed by fire, then you have to collect all the documents confirming that the house itself is no longer there, and only sell the land where it stood.

If you decide to sell a half-destroyed house without paperwork, then it will be quite difficult for you to do this, since the future owner will have a lot of difficulties that he hardly needs. So, if you lost your house as a result of a fire, you can safely count on the support of the state, the main thing is to arrange all the necessary documents correctly.