Candles made of paraffin and natural materials

materials for a candlestick
 materials for a candle
Prepare all the necessary things that we may need to make a candle. You can choose the shape and size yourself. I got a candle measuring 7 by 7 cm and 4 cm in height. In fact, the size of the candle will depend on the parameters of the larger box that you can find. The decor of the candle will depend on what materials you prefer. For decoration, you can use anything that does not melt from the temperature of molten paraffin or wax and does not change its color (small pebbles, shells, starfishes, coffee grains, buttons, cereals or seeds, dried flowers or artificial flowers, coins, etc.) . We will need: • paraffin or wax candles - 4 pcs. • two square-shaped cardboard boxes; • • glassware for melting paraffin;• stand under the hot; • tacks for hand protection; •microwave or water bath; • wooden stick to fix the wick; • scissors or stationery knife; • • pencil; • • ruler; • • adhesive tape to strengthen the boxes; • • natural materials: cereals, pebbles, dried flowers, artificial flowers, buttons, etc.
 cardboard boxes
Cut off unwanted parts of cardboard boxes and level the height of the smaller and larger. The markup can be applied with a ruler and a pencil. We glue the bottom of the boxes with adhesive tape so that all the holes are securely closed and the wax does not flow out.
 cardboard boxes
Insert the smaller box into a larger one so that it is centered . Adhesive for fixing should not be used, because further we will need to remove it from the frozen paraffin or wax. In order for the box not to move in the process of work - use as pendants a few stones, which you mark into a smaller box.
cardboard boxes
Pour the first layer of cereal.
Spark the candle in neat movements and break it and remove the wick.