Church holiday on August 28




REZHINKI, OBZHINKI, REINFORCES OF THE PERFORMANCE - this is the end of the earthly life of the Most Holy Lady of Our Lady and Virgin Mary and her relocation into Heavenly life, always blissful.



After the Ascension of the Lord, the Mother of God remained in the care of the Apostle John the Theologian, and in his absence lived in the house of his parents near the Mount of Olives. During the persecution erected by Herod on the young Church of Christ, the Most Holy Virgin Mary together with John the Theologian retired to Ephesus. By the time of her blessed Assumption, the Most Holy Virgin Mary again arrived in Jerusalem, where she spent days and nights in prayer. Often she came to the Holy Sepulcher, burnt incense here and kneeled down. On one of these visits to Calvary, the archangel Gabriel appeared before her and announced Her imminent relocation to Heavenly life. As a pledge, he handed her a palm branch. With the Heavenly Message, the Mother of God returned to Bethlehem; here she summoned the righteous Joseph of Arif-mei, and the disciples of the Lord, with whom she announced Her speedy Dormition. The Most Holy Virgin also prayed that the Lord would send the Apostle John to Her.And the Holy Spirit carried him from Ephesus, placing him near the place where the Mother of God was lying. After the prayer, the Most Holy Virgin burned incense, and John heard a voice from Heaven concluding Her prayer with the word "Amen."



The third hour came when the Assumption of the Mother of God was to be accomplished. A lot of candles were burning. Holy apostles with chants surrounded a beautifully decorated bed on which the Most Pure Virgin Mary sat. Suddenly he glimpsed the ineffable Light of Divine Glory, before which faded candles faded; the top of the room disappeared in the rays of the immense Light, and the King of Glory Himself, Christ, surrounded by many Angels, Archangels and other Heavenly Forces with the righteous souls of the forefathers and prophets, descended. Seeing Her Son, the Mother of God exclaimed: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and My spirit rejoices in the Boz, My Savior, like a ghost for the humility of His servants!” Son and God. Then the joyful Angelic singing began. Having mourned their separation from the Mother of God on earth, the apostles set about the burial of Her most pure body.The solemn procession began from Zion through Jerusalem to Gethsemane. At its first movement over the most pure body of the Mother of God and all those who accompanied her, a vast and luminous cloudy circle, like a crown, suddenly appeared, and the face of Angelic joined the face of the apostles. There was a singing of the Heavenly Forces, glorifying the Mother of God, which echoed the earthly voices. This circle with Heavenly singers and radiance moved through the air and accompanied the procession to the very place of burial. In Gethsemane, saying goodbye to the body, the holy apostles laid him in a coffin, carried him into a cave, and closed the entrance with a large stone. When, after three days, they entered the cave and opened the coffin - they found in it only the funeral sheets of the Ever-Virgin and thus became convinced of the wondrous ascension of the Blessed Virgin with the body to Heaven. In the evening on the same day, when the apostles gathered in the house to reinforce themselves with food, the Mother of God appeared to them and said: “Rejoice! I am with you - all the days. ” Also look at all church holidays in August and a convenient calendar, where all church holidays are distributed by months. It is convenient to watch the calendar of church holidays in August.




  1. Swallows fly off.
  2. Beginning of the young Indian summer (until September 11).
  3. From Assumption the sun falls asleep.
  4. On Assumption pickle cucumbers, on Sergiy (October 8) chop cabbage.
  5. Plant this three days before Assumption and three after Assumption.
  6. Before Petrov, the day to soak up (plow), before Ilyin, zaporonit, before the Savior to sow.
  7. Until plowing plow - extra mop press.
  8. Dormition - dozhinki.
  9. Ends harvesting and sowing of winter bread. The rite of the end of the harvest is called spins. According to the old all-Russian custom, a small handful of uncut ears was left on the field, tied up with a ribbon - “curled the beard” - and sentenced: “God grant that there would be a good harvest for another summer!” The tied ears were wound into a wreath, bent to the ground and lightly covered with earth; they put bread with salt under these stems, bowed low and fastened what was done with the words: “Batyushka, Ilya-beard! Freak out rye, oats, barley, and wheat! ”“ Here you, Elijah-beard, in the summer freak us out with rye and oats! ”The last sheaf was pressed in silence. The girls were stinging a sheaf of silence: if they talk, the groom will be blind (Kostroma lips).The last squeezed sheaf is a “birthday boy”, he enjoys a special honor: he is dressed up in a sundress or wrapped in calico scarves and carried to the feast with fair songs called “sleeves” or “bratinins”, since he arranges for the village money collected from around the world. The last sheaf is put on the table (shelf for icons), under the icons. Then make reaping (scrambled eggs). The last sheaf of oat stubble on Pokrov is fed to cattle or given to chickens, sheep, pigs, cows and horses - all in a handful (Kostroma Province). In many places, the last sheaf is preserved until the New Year.
  10. The rural partnership is manifested in the "vyzhanki", mutual aid at the end of the harvest. The only reward for those who came to the "squeeze" is a treat. It is notified in advance that such-and-such will have a “squeeze-out”. Women eagerly go to the "squeeze", meaning a few fun in the midst of field work, to secure a similar help. They work with songs and jokes, encouraging each other.