Conscience: what is it and why does a person need it?


What is conscience? An inner voice that dictates the correct pattern of behavior, or a useless quality that prevents you from reaching new career heights? Why does a person need it? How to get rid of remorse and return to a normal lifestyle? What is guided in order to cultivate a high moral and moral personality? How to learn to forgive yourself? Where is the invisible line between the concepts of "good" and "evil"? Why listen to the inner voice when the benefits are "on the surface"? The complex issues that arise at the subconscious level. In search of answers, we often have to comprehend the unknown areas of our own soul, changing our worldview and correcting established principles.

Understanding the terminology, conscience is a “censor” of psychological processes, with the help of which a person evaluates the scale of events. Guided by our inner voice, we can determine the appropriateness of our own actions, revealing the need for our help or detachment.Such a feeling becomes a kind of “stop crane” warning us about the danger of the upcoming situation. If you did wrong, then the mental anguish, explained by remorse of conscience, is sent on the right path in an attempt to correct the already existing set of circumstances.

Conscience: what is it and why does a person need it?

A person who has stolen someone else’s will return the item only if he has a properly formed conscience. Internal calls to change the state of affairs will help to come to their senses, retaining their moral and ethical appearance. People, deprived of such a feeling, will remain in total darkness in the soul, accompanied by a feeling of loneliness.

Varieties of a distorted sense of conscience

Conscience is not transferred to a person at the genetic level - it is acquired in childhood, based in the depths of the soul in the process of education. If the parents choose an incorrect model of behavior with their child, then the scion automatically develops a worldview that does not conform to generally accepted moral laws. In families where the father beats the mother, the child in adulthood will not torment the conscience associated with the assault.An understanding of the fact that such communication between a man and a woman is a classic format of relationships is clearly formed on the child’s subconscious mind.

If you do not correct your own worldview in time, then the person becomes an amoral, rejected by society personality. Harmoniously coexist with similar foundations with the outside world he will not succeed. It is not surprising that people raised in dysfunctional families often have the notions of “good” and “evil” shifted. The explanation of such consequences is only one - the moral and moral laws by which society lives are not instilled in children. Over time, a person who has the wrong model of society in his subconscious mind has serious mental disorders accompanied by an internal conflict of the individual. In the XXI century there are four types of distorted conscience:

Incorrectly formed.

Such feelings become the objective result of an incorrect model of behavior that was imparted to a child in childhood. For example, previously slave relations between people were considered normal, therefore the rights to a person belonged to a high-ranking official or king.This format of communication in the society was the standard, so the young men and young girls were brought up, based on this "pattern". It is not surprising that the scions absorbed their rank with their mother's milk, knowing their privileges and duties. At the moment, the situation has changed dramatically, so this pattern of behavior is a manifestation of immoral qualities that do not conform to the laws of society.

Unfounded guilt.

The oppressive form of conscience, accompanied by "screaming" loneliness and inner spiritual tortures. There is such a feeling in the process of formation of a personal conflict in which the generally accepted foundations and social laws do not correspond to a person's world view. For example, parents for a long time brought up in the child a model of relations in which a man should build a family with a woman. The mature offspring realizes that it is experiencing sexual attraction to members of its own gender. Satisfying his own desires, he has to go against the opinion of mom and dad, breaking established social “laws”. It is not surprising that the result of such an act becomes the appearance of an unfounded sense of guilt.

Conscience: what is it and why does a person need it?

Conservative conscience.

Unquestioningly adhering to generally accepted laws is an inexpedient decision inherent to especially executive or responsible people. Hurrying to a business meeting, they may not pay attention to the person who needs help. What to do in this situation? What principles to follow? A conservative conscience will insist on personal gain, explained by the importance of the upcoming interview. Relying on the moral and ethical foundations, you need to stop and forget about your business, if you are convinced of the need for your help.

Ignored or justified.

Remorse of conscience causes a person to experience spiritual torments, during which the inner voice indicates to him that the act was wrong. Such a state is invariably accompanied by a variety of negative thoughts that form pessimistic thinking. In an attempt to escape from oppressive feelings of guilt, people come up with ways to satisfy the “hunger” of their own conscience. Justifying one’s actions is an effective method that allows one to return to a normal lifestyle for a while. Ignoring internal “appeals” of justice is another popular option that is used by mentally ill people with pleasure.Violating on his subconscious level the harmonious relationship between "good" and "evil", a person loses moral and ethical qualities.

How to suppress the conscience: common mistakes

The formation of conscience in the child directly depends on the education of parents and the immediate environment of the offspring - school friends or comrades in the sports club. To correct a distorted pattern of behavior, getting rid of panic attacks and mental anguish, is possible only with the help of the professional help of a practicing psychologist, who will deal with the patient's internal ups and downs. However, it’s never too late to start changing your own worldview. To develop a similar feeling in yourself, it is first necessary to abandon the typical excuses and justifications of unscrupulous people. Eliminate from your personal appearance the following common factors inherent in immoral and weak-willed characters:

Initially change your social circle, ceasing to maintain relationships with unscrupulous comrades. The influence of friends has a strong effect on the formation of a personal image; therefore, this procedure cannot be neglected.Regularly being in the company of immoral buddies, you risk adopting a complex of immoral qualities. In this situation, it is important to approach the problem rationally, giving an objective description to each friend.
Stop justifying yourself, guided by historical events. People who have captured their names in world events have always been distinguished by a set of other personal qualities. Napoleon, who declared war on his father-in-law, made a great, but bloody emperor not this act, but savvy and developed strategic thinking. Aristotle, who betrayed his teacher, Plato, was helped to make discoveries, not this immoral act, but a flexible mind and ingenuity. Do not be equal to historical figures who lacked conscience - this is an inappropriate decision.

Conscience: what is it and why does a person need it?

Stop covering your own faults with alternatives recognized by society in other countries of the world. A husband who has changed his chosen one should not explain himself to his wife, guided by the privileges of polygamy in Islam. When deceiving a friend or comrade, do not refer to Buddhists, who place personal desires and demands of a person at the center of religion.It is important to realize that you are in a society with well-established laws, so the moral and ethical image must comply with such standards.
Do not justify your inaction or dishonest behavior, hiding behind good goals. You can not help the children in the shelter, buying toys for the money that you stole from the savings books of pensioners. Women can not build a full relationship, leading a man from a family where a child misses his father's attention. Pure thoughts are characterized by transparency of actions, under which there should not be an unpleasant background.
Stop abusing narcotic drugs and tobacco products, drowning out the feeling of guilt in a glass with alcohol. Such drugs and substances help to satisfy the “hunger” of conscience only for a while. As a result, you will either have to sleep, or learn how to solve problems with emerging pangs. It is impossible to get rid of internal conflict with the help of external factors - only the recognition of one's own shortcomings and advantages will help to correct the current situation.
Stop doing self-flagellation, trying to smooth over your wrongdoings before the public.If you are genuinely aware of the scale of guilt, then choose a thousand words - one action. Help the children in the shelter by spending their own savings on toys and warm clothes. An unpleasant situation can be redeemed only by positive actions and good deeds.

Conscience is a kind of psychological impact that helps to cope with negative energy and bad thoughts. In important periods of life, highly moral and moral people can count on the support and useful recommendations of their inner voice, guided by their own desires within socially acceptable boundaries. The main thing is to learn to manage your thoughts, to eliminate the risk of unpleasant situations. If a person is able to control his emotional state, keeping calm even in stressful cases, then the options for a positive outcome of events become significantly larger.

Conscience: what is it and why does a person need it?

The presence of conscience, which helps in difficult moments of life to choose the right path - is a way to get rid of negative emotions and self-torture, having found composure and peace of mind.By coexisting in harmony with your thoughts, you will be able to rationally assess the events taking place in the surrounding world by choosing the optimal model of behavior. If you do not think about your moral and moral character in time, you can significantly spoil relations with close people, being in contradiction with generally accepted foundations and social standards.