Corrugated paper crocuses

Corrugated paper crocusesDelicate and at the same time bright crocus flowers attract with their romantic look and beauty. They look great both in the summer garden and on the festive table. This bouquet will bring freshness and elegance to your interior and will delight you with its bright colors.
We offer you a step-by-step master class "Flowers crocuses made of corrugated paper." With the help of a photo and a detailed description of each stage, you can quickly learn how to create beautiful bouquets.

What materials will be needed:

What materials will be needed

  • corrugated paper in purple, beige and green colors;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors;
  • thin wooden sticks or long toothpicks;
  • thin wire;
  • semolina.


Corrugated Paper Crocus Bouquet - Step by Step Instruction

Corrugated Paper Crocus Bouquet - Step by Step Instruction

  1. Take corrugated paper of beige or other light shade. Cut a piece about 10 cm long and 6 cm high. Make cuts along the entire length of the segment at a distance of one centimeter from each other.Start cutting with scissors from the top edge and lead almost to the end of the bottom, leaving 1 cm undercut.Corrugated Paper Crocus Bouquet - Step by Step Instruction
  2. Each segment must be gently twisted in the fingers, creating thin tubes. Then fold the entire piece of paper so that at the base it forms one piece, and on the opposite side there are twisted strips of paper.
  3. At the tips of the tubes, apply a little glue, and then dip them in a container with semolina. You made the stamens for the flower bud.
  4. Cut a small piece of purple paper, fold it several times and cut out the petals for the flower. They should be slightly oblong oval.
  5. Take 5-6 petals and wrap them alternately around the middle harvested earlier.
  6. Smear with glue and slightly twist the bottom of the bud. Take a wooden stick and insert it a few centimeters straight into the base of the flower. To secure the connection, wind the bottom of the bud over the paper with thin wire.Corrugated Paper Crocus Bouquet - Step by Step Instruction
  7. Cut a thin, long strip of green crepe paper. Wind it with the bottom of the bud right at the base of the petals, then continue to wrap the entire wand into it to the very bottom.
  8. From the green paper, cut small strips about 10 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Make the upper edge of the segment triangular, cutting off the edges on the sides. Fold the sides of the strip a couple of millimeters towards the center, do the same with the triangular top. You created the leaves for the plant.
  9. To the flower cooked attach 3-5 leaves. Screw slightly to the base of the stem, glue from the inside with glue. Each sheet must be attached under the previous one. Use a small amount of glue, otherwise the paper may soak or tear.Corrugated Paper Crocus Bouquet - Step by Step Instruction
  10. Straighten all the details. The flower is ready! Now you can start creating the following buds.
  11. After you make a sufficient number of flowers, collect them together in one bouquet and tie it with a ribbon. Place the craft in a beautiful vase or a tall transparent glass. This bouquet will be an elegant decoration for your table.

There are various ways to create crocuses from corrugated paper. In some of them, flowers are wrapped with thread at the base or stitched at the bottom of the buds. There are also options with the winding of the stem with floristic ribbons and decoration with decorative sequins.
In addition, you can make flowers with a surprise.To do this, in each bud you need to put a small round chocolate candy. A bouquet of these delicate flowers will be a wonderful gift for a loved one.
Corrugated paper crocuses
Paper flowers can also be used as the main decorative element, they can decorate holiday tables and rooms for weddings and other celebrations. These flowers look very elegant and stylish, so they are suitable for decorating even the most prestigious events. By the way, the buds can also be attached to a festive costume.
You can use these flowers individually or as part of whole compositions. The main thing - to choose the right combination of shades of buds. For example, you can make purple and purple flowers or pink with white. When choosing, it is worth making a start from the combination of the color palette and the general scale of the celebration.