Create an atmosphere of your favorite fairy tale: an apartment in the style of a fairy tale by Lewis Carroll

London-based brand De Gournay specializes in the production of premium wallpapers with detailed drawings. Some models use hand-painted technique, preserving the traditions of silk-screen printing of different peoples and cultures.

The daughter of the creator of the brand decided to demonstrate with the example of her own apartment that with the help of the brand's wallpaper you can create the atmosphere of your favorite fairy tale. The girl designed all the rooms with De Gournay wallpaper to go to Wonderland following Alice Lewis Carroll.

The bright colors of the painting are complemented by classic-style furniture with hints of romanticism. In many collections, motifs of Oriental art can be traced. They are reminiscent of traveling to distant countries.

Significant place in the collections of De Gournay take wallpaper that mimic other types of wall coverings.Gold has become the main theme of the design of the kitchen, and the dining area is made in heavenly colors. Opposite the table - a composition of several mirrors.

The bedroom in shades of green has many elegant accessories belonging to cultures from different countries of the world. The hostess of the apartment, like the fabulous Alice loves to travel.

The apartment has many different pieces of furniture belonging to different styles and periods of time. Eclectic interior creates the feeling of a real fairy tale.

The room is filled with many details and accessories that highlight the magical atmosphere.