Curtains. Creative design ideas.

We present you a selection of the most interesting ways to design windows with curtains. Of course, a bright color or pattern of curtains is itself a worthy decoration of the interior, but what if you prefer a simpler transparent or neutral shade of curtains? How to give them a stylish and sophisticated look? Or maybe you are more interested in the question of how to make bright curtains look refined and elegant? In this collection you will easily find answers to these questions, because here we have collected for you:

  • interesting ways to finish curtains do it yourself;
  • the use of non-standard curtain rods and hooks for hanging curtains;
  • various ideas for decorating the top of the window;
  • creative ways of hanging curtains and many others others

In general, do-it-yourself decor as a whole, and especially for curtains, is just a limitless field for creativity and fantasy. Speaking in the context of the design of the window space, it is worthwhile to understand that today the decorator has a lot of materials and accessories, so boldly get down to business, and our publication will help to inspire the work.