Damage assessment

A couple of days ago a rather unpleasant situation occurred, namely, our neighbors from above simply flooded us. We tried to talk with them and agree without any courts, but they said that they would only resolve issues according to the law. Recommend an inexpensive firm in Almaty, which will be able to assess the damage.
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Strange neighbors caught you, because often such issues are resolved independently with the victims. I do not understand people who like to go to the courts, and then they also have to pay all the costs of the trial.
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Hiring an appraisal company is a great idea, because then in court it will serve as a basis for determining the losses that you have incurred. The service is expensive, but you can not worry, the court is obliged to transfer these expenses to the guilty.
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Try to talk with them again, because they themselves understand that later they will have to constantly come to the courts and waste their personal time.Of course, if the neighbors really do not want to negotiate peacefully, then you will have to resolve all issues only through the courts. It is necessary to assess the damage immediately, so that there is no distortion of information.