Diet Kim Protasov

To begin with, let us say to you the following: any diet should be agreed with your nutritionist, since any organism is unique. Accordingly, he needs a special diet. Today we will talk about the diet of Kim Protasov, who recommended herself well.

Diet Protasov

I think you are not very interested in who Kim Protasov is. Diet, recipes for her and the daily routine - that’s what you should be interested in. It should be noted that this diet is balanced in such a way that it is tolerated more easily than many others, and gives the same results. And maybe better. Sometimes results exceed even the most courageous expectations.

You must follow the diet Protasov for five weeks. In the first two weeks, mainly raw vegetables are recommended for consumption, and their quantity is not limited in any way. Vegetables should not be starchy. They can be eaten at any time of the day. Also in the diet should be present cheeses, yogurt, kefir, fat content of not more than 5%. What can you drink? It is recommended to use at least two liters of water per day, as well as tea and coffee without sugar.In one day, they recommend eating one egg and three green apples. Starting from the third week, it is necessary to begin using a low-fat cape of fish or poultry, 200 g per serving. Consumption of cheeses, yogurt and kefir should be reduced.

The main and main advantage of this diet is that the amount of food intake is not limited. Here is the recipe for Kim Protasov's diet. Thus, you will not torture yourself with a constant feeling of hunger, applying this method of nutrition. Due to this property, the diet is tolerated easily by many women and men. The main plus of the diet has a reverse side - the main disadvantage. It consists in the fact that the diet is very limited in the variety of foods. Plus, a long period of five weeks. Not everyone is able to endure such a monotony of food consumed. But the result is worth it, believe me.

That is why many doctors recommend to diversify your diet as much as possible, without going beyond the proposed products. It is easy to do. You can come up with a huge number of dishes with vegetables. As the implementation of the diet, it is recommended to focus on vegetables, not cheeses and kefir.The fact is that if you do the opposite, then the diet will be much more difficult to sustain, and the result will not come close to the one you dreamed of. All the benefits that vegetables can bring are in their incredibly rich collection of trace elements and vitamins. Only one fiber is able to normalize the bowels in a short time! It is necessary to note the positive psycho-physiological effect on the organism of the Kim Protasov diet. Eating in this way, you wean your body from craving for sweets. This situation will lead to the formation of a balanced diet of your body.

Remember that it is extremely important to finish the diet. It often happens that in just two weeks after a diet, losing weight is actively gaining weight, and the result is a waste.

How to get out of the diet of Kim Protasov

As the body goes into a normal diet, you need to begin to introduce products such as: lean meat, cereals, various unsweetened fruits. Try not to increase the total caloric content of your diet. Thus, you will be able to keep a figure such as you have always dreamed of, for a long time.Try to avoid foods that contain large amounts of fat and glycemic components. Bakery products and sweets - this is your main enemy, which again will lead you to excess weight. The result will please you only in the event that you will hold on to the whole diet and will be able to get out of it carefully and as efficiently as possible.

Now you know what the Kim Protasov diet is. We want to wish you good luck on the difficult path of losing weight. The main thing is the belief that you can overcome excess weight. It is the mental attitude and determines the success of this event. No matter how difficult, it is necessary to continue its movement towards the goal, and you will see the result soon enough.