Documentary films, which are not on their own

Many moviegoers admire the ability of screenwriters to create incredibly awful thrillers and horror, which freezes the blood. But it is still reassuring that in fact it is just a skillful invention. But here, sitting down to watch a documentary, it really becomes uncomfortable, because it is based on the most real events. And sometimes it's hard to believe that this could happen in reality.

We have prepared the top of the most sinister “documentaries” for those who like to tickle their nerves.

Horrible truth

They sometimes impress a lot more Hollywood works, although tens of millions were not spent for their filming, world-class stars were invited and modern special effects were used. These documentaries are worth watching.

Confessions of an Assassin

What is going on in the head of the one who is called the "Iceman"? This is what the psychiatrist is trying to figure out, whose sessions with the cold-blooded killer Richard Kuklinski can be seen in the film.What it is like to lead a double life, mercilessly killing people, working for the mafia, and at the same time being a loving husband and an exemplary family man. Kuklinsky himself and tell it.

Interview with cannibal

Do you think the times of cannibals have passed or have they stayed somewhere in the depths of Africa? Look at the story of real facts from the life of Issei Sagawa, who killed and ate a man, to make sure that everything is not so cloudless. By the way, the court found him mentally ill, because Sagawa is not in prison.

Children's rage

Child sexual abuse is one of the worst forms of bullying, leading to irreparable consequences. 6-year-old Bat doesn’t know what love and friendship are, she doesn’t have a bit of sympathy. And all she wants is to hurt others.

Monster: The Story of Josef Fritzl

Otherwise, as a monster and it will not name. This story shook the whole world. The father of a large family, respected by many people, in fact turned out to be one of the most terrible maniacs. For 24 years, he kept his own daughter in the basement of his house, who gave birth to seven children from him. Nervous better not to watch.


Killing a nun is a high-profile affair.And in the case when the murderer did not suffer punishment, especially. Who decided on such an act? What is the reason? What did the person who dedicated it to the service of God pay with his life? You will find the answers to these questions in this documentary.


The problem of "sleep paralysis" is quite a frequent occurrence. It is not fully understood and there is no cure for it. Using the example of eight volunteers suffering from such a problem, the authors of the film are trying to show how serious this is. After all, often the participants in the experiment can not determine exactly where the reality is, but where the dream is. They often have nightmares, and the worst thing about all of this is the lack of control over their body. Breaking away from the clutches of such nightmares is very difficult, and this sometimes even leads to death.

Aokigahara / Suicide Forest

It is known to many tourists. And the forest of Aokigahara has long become an attraction of the Japanese town. But, unfortunately, a landmark with a long history, dotted with hundreds of corpses of those who decided to commit suicide. Every year about a hundred new bodies are found in the forest.


People - the inhabitants of the planet Earth. But who gave them the right to feel on her permanent kings? Who gave the right to cruel to animals? People are heartless, this is the main message of this film,generously seasoned with bloody scenes.

Ordinary Fascism

In this tape, the phenomenon of fascism is laid out literally into atoms. Starting from how he originated in the Third Reich, ending with what he had brought. How ruthless and terrible can be a man obsessed with the idea of ​​fascism, forcibly "placed in the head."


Everyone knows how warm and friendly dolphins are towards humans. What, unfortunately, can not be said about the people themselves. Using the trust of animals, they are hard exterminating them. This is a story about an annual mammal hunt in Taiji. There, fishermen lure dolphins into the bay, where they catch and sell, and often kill, to sell meat.

Note that all these pictures are rather difficult for perception. Shocking and terrifying scenes - not a whim of the authors and not a desire to scare the audience. This is the truth about the events taking place near us.

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