Dream interpretation treats the value of the crown on the head

A dream crown, how to understand such a dream?

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What does the crown on the head according to dream books

According to the star dream book

If you dream of a crown, put on your head, then soon you will be noticed in the service and you will have a high position. When the crown sparkles on a stranger, it shows your pride.

Home Dream

To see the crown in this dream book is to try to achieve success in real life, to strive for positive changes.

Jewish dream book

The interpretation of the dream in which you measure the crown, sounds like this: you are in constant dreams, but it does not bear any fruit. It should start to make decisions and act. If in a dream you put a crown on a cow from your own farm, then in reality someone claims to your condition and property, and you try to prevent it.

Magic dream book

When a person dreams of a crown, it can speak of his nobility and immense pride. If he accidentally dropped the crown in dreams, then his dignity will be lost, and the dreamer in real life will compromise himself.In this dream book, to see the crown on someone else's head is to desire a better fate. Buying a crown to talk about the possibility of solving the problem, finding a way out of the situation. It is worth noting that the metal from which the crown is made also matters. If it is gold or silver, then it is good, a sleeping person in reality will receive a gift, a pleasant surprise.

Dream dream Akulina

If a dream in which all attention is concentrated on the crown came to the girl, then this indicates her soon marriage to a solid fiancé at the post. For men, this vision symbolizes promotion. Just imagine, you are standing on the square in front of a crowd of people, and everyone is looking at the process of your coronation. The Bishop and Bishop himself wears a golden headdress on your head. In this dream book, wearing a gold crown also speaks of wealth.

English dream book

Since ancient times, royal jewelry pointed to domination and nobility, so the crown in a dream indicates your desire to become a leader.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

The crown for the dreamer foreshadows some exciting event, which causes a surge of emotions. Thus, in real life, a person will be able to become stronger on his feet and accomplish his plan, get financial position, or go on a journey that they have long dreamed of.If in a dream you can clearly see that you are wearing a crown on your head, then this is awaiting the loss of some kind of property. On the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as follows: you take responsibility for the person you know, you are trying to change his fate.