Easter Crafts

Easter CraftsEaster is one of the brightest holidays. It is customary to visit him. Therefore, in advance, make small crafts for Easter to give them to your friends and relatives.

Crafts for Easter - laced eggs from threads

Easter Crafts

You will need: threads of different colors, a balloon, glue, scissors and a sewing needle.

Easter Crafts

For the manufacture of this crafts for Easter, you need to inflate the ball a little, so that it will be the size of an ordinary chicken egg. The thread, threaded into a needle, is passed through a jar of PVA in order to saturate it with glue. The balloon is tightly wrapped with threads prepared in this way, leaving the tail intact. When the glue dries, you need to blow off the ball and pull it out of the egg.

Easter Crafts

Easter crafts without glue - egg candle


To make one of the most original crafts for Easter, make a candle in the shape of an egg. You will need two empty shell halves to be used as a form.

Easter Crafts

1. Take an ordinary candle, crush it, put it in a suitable dish, which we put on a water bath.To get the color, add the dye of the desired shade.

Easter Crafts

2. Fill the mold with melted wax and at the same time lower the oiled thread into the egg.

3. After everything hardens, cut the wick to the desired length.

Easter Crafts

4. The shell can be beautifully painted or left as it is: it all depends on the desire and taste.

Handmade cardboard craftwork for Easter

Easter Crafts

You can make beautiful Easter crafts from various materials:

1. Take a white cardboard and fold it in half.

2. Make a rectangle of red paper 3 cm less and gently glue it onto the cardboard, retreating from the edges. This is the title page of the future postcard.

Easter Crafts

3. From a corrugated cardboard we make a frame and attach it to the front, closing the white stripes.

4. The headline is cut from the shiny material and together with the picture we glue to the postcard.

5. Inside you can write a festive wish, and attach several satin ribbons to the front.

Easter Crafts

Put a postcard in the gift basket, in which you will carry Easter cakes and eggs to your friends.

Easter Crafts

Easter paper craft description

The most useful and beautiful handicrafts for Easter may be paper envelopes in the form of a hare face. They are usually filled with sweets for children or put greeting cards in them.

Easter Crafts

1.We take a white sheet, bend it in half and glue it on both sides - we get an envelope.

2. Cut out blanks from white paper that look like bunny ears, and color out the same parts, but a bit smaller. We make four pieces of each type.

3. Paste the color parts on the white blanks and attach them to the envelope.

4. Make a spout out of pink paper, and make a black bead eyes, draw antennae, etc.

5. The final stage for crafts for Easter is filling envelope.

If you go to visit, prepare a souvenir for all family members. And fill the envelopes in accordance with the personal tastes of each.

Unusual DIY Easter Crafts

Before proceeding to the next Easter craft, it is necessary to stock up the fertile soil, the shell, the lids from the bottles and the bright gouache.

Easter Crafts

First, fill the empty shells with earth, lightly pollen and plant seeds. So that the “pots” stand steadily, we put them on the bottle caps, which we color in gouache, diluted with white glue.

Put the shells on the sunny window, and after a few days gentle shoots will appear. Think of an original packaging for a gift: it can be a wicker box or basket, which is suitable for a festive Easter cake, and a greeting card.

Easter Crafts

You can use the eggshell as a vase. To do this, fill a few pieces with water and put in them bunches of white snowdrops, blue scilla, lilac crested and violet violet.

If you are friends with a crochet, be sure to tie the basket and decorate it with flowers and beads. Make from brown threads, similar to baked dough, cake. For the top, take the white thread, and use bright beads as a powder. Put the cake in the basket and add a few eggs, knitted from different color threads. Believe me, this Easter crafts will not leave anyone indifferent.

Easter Crafts

Easter eggs in shreds

Eggs in pieces of cloth look like small decorative toys of a round shape. Make them not difficult. For this you will need:

  • empty eggshell;
  • multi-colored cloth scraps;
  • silicone or PVA glue;
  • glue brush;
  • thick needle;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • plate.

We will begin to make crafts for Easter, the master class with a photo will help us:

1. Take the most common raw chicken egg, preferably large. Wash it thoroughly, and then place it in a salty solution overnight.This needs to be done in order to make the shell more durable. Then wipe it off with a towel of moisture.

Master class: DIY crafts for the feast of Holy Easter

2. Using a thick needle, make two small holes in the egg from opposite sides in the egg. Try not to squeeze the egg strongly at this time, so that it does not burst.

3. Through the holes obtained, try, as it were, to blow all the contents into the plate so that you only have an empty shell in your hands. Be sure to let it dry in the middle. That it will serve as the basis for our crafts.

4. Put the egg shell on any improvised stand, so that it does not roll away and it is convenient to work with it.

Master class: DIY crafts for the feast of Holy Easter

5. From pieces of fabric, with the help of scissors, cut small patches, measuring about 1 to 1 cm. The fabric can be chosen in a variety of colors and textures. It all depends on your ideas and fantasies.

6. Smear the eggshell partially with glue and carefully, using tweezers, butt the pieces of chopped fabric on it.

7. When all the empty spots on the egg are filled, leave it to dry a little, before that, lightly rolling it on a flat surface. It is necessary to do this in order to make the places of joints of fabric patches less noticeable.

Master class: DIY crafts for the feast of Holy Easter

The patch egg is ready!

As you can see, to make such an article will not be difficult.If you are confused by the shell itself, then you can choose to work any other suitable material that will be less fragile. For example, an egg made of papier-mâché or wooden, also kinder-surprise containers will do.

Crafts for Easter in the form of openwork eggs

This technology of making eggs is gaining increasing popularity every year. Crafts are light, airy and unusual, they are often used to decorate the interior.