Fashionable pencil dress (25 photos)

Dress pencil should be present in the closet of any woman and girl over 16 years of age. In this dress concise, classic and correct sexuality are perfectly combined. It perfectly emphasizes the figure, exposing quite a bit of the female body. For women and girls who want to look stylish, elegant and noblely created a dress-pencil.

Wearing an ultra-short mini, you clearly let people around you understand what you want from this life. And not necessarily sex. Lovers of short skirts just do not have enough emotions, admiring glances of men and belief in their irresistible. However, it is not always appropriate to show your legs to those around you. In addition, in recent years, men have already oversaturated with species of half-naked girls. Because looking at the young ladies in short dresses, it is immediately clear what they are ready for.

And after all men by nature hunters and for them it is important to conquer and win beautiful girls. That is why women in more closed dresses cause much more interest.


Dresses of this style began to be worn relatively recently.In the twentieth century, society gradually began to move away from lush dresses. This is particularly affected by the war. In times of general hunger and scarcity, it would not be wise to spend tens of meters of fabric on sewing one dress. Yes, and move in lush dresses for girls is difficult. Therefore, by the 30s, women completely ceased to wear bulky dresses.

They were replaced by a pencil dress. Due to his modest style and color, women could wear all sorts of accessories. After all, beads are cheaper to buy than a new dress. Moreover, such a dress is perfectly combined with shoes with heels and stockings.

Sophia Loren and Merlin Monroe in the 60s were forced to look at the dress differently. Seeing how this dress is wrapped around the chic shapes of these actresses, the women realized that they could look just like a film star. Since then, society has changed. Women are increasingly engaged in business, going to work and as it turned out the dress-pencil fits perfectly into the office style of clothes.

Styles and models

The classic pencil dress should fit the figure of a woman, the skirt on it should taper to the bottom, there are no sleeves and seams at the waist.

And this dress is never short and has a neckline - a boat. The classic dress is usually made in strict colors: black, gray, white and brown. Such a detail of the wardrobe can be the basis for creating a set of images unlike each other. Having added an accessory to a classic black dress-pencil, you can constantly change, without emptying your wallet.

Now designers do not stop at the classic models. They offer the weaker sex to wear variants with a basque, long sleeves or an open back. Of course, such bold styles it is important to be able to wear at the right place and time. Having appeared on work in a dress with an open back you will cause bewilderment of colleagues. This outfit is more suitable for dining at a restaurant or going to a party.

How to choose?

For girls with perfect shape parameters you can wear any. Do not necessarily limit yourself to the colors. Dresses of pink, cream, green colors will look great on you. You can also experiment with a dress - a pencil in a strip, polka dots and an asymmetrical print.

For fragile girls, one must choose dresses from coarse, heavy fabrics. Silk will not suit them. The perfect option for you - this dress is a bright color, with ruffles in the chest.

A dress pencil for full of girls and women will become a real salvation. Despite the fact that it always wraps around the figure, it hides all its flaws well.

Just choose outfits a little loose in the waist. Or opt for a model of dress, in which in the waist is used a denser fabric, which acts as a corset, not visible to the people around them. In plump girls, usually beautiful breasts and thighs and dresses for full ones are able to emphasize these figure virtues.

The higher your height, the longer the dress you can afford. But small girls are better to wear short models.

What and where to wear?

As mentioned earlier, this dress is an indispensable option for work. A woman in a dress is always beautiful and self-confident, and this is quite important at work. In addition, putting on a pencil dress in the office, you will not contradict the strict requirements for appearance.

This outfit has significant advantages.This is its versatility and the ability to quickly change. You can safely wear it to work and immediately after it go to a romantic dinner. To do this, just put on an elegant jacket and stylish jewelry, dissolve your hair and you are ready to conquer men's hearts.

It is also great for trips to exhibitions and social events. After all, it combines severity and femininity.

By the dress of this style it is necessary to choose stylish, but not bright accessories. It should be a handbag, bracelets or watches and be sure to have heeled shoes. By the way, modern shoes on a large platform do not fit under a pencil, it is better to wear a classic boat.

And do not forget that you can not wear a belt to it.

As you can see, many arguments indicate that the dress of this style should be worn constantly. Business style doesn't have to be boring. Wear a beautiful dress and decorate it with your smile.

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