Fashionable summer swimsuits in 2013 (23 photos)

For the summer season, swimsuit is an indispensable thing. Want to know which models will be relevant next summer? Then our article is written for you.

It would seem that ordinary things look different every year. Sometimes, it seems that it is already impossible to invent anything new. Nevertheless, every year designers surprise us with new creative ideas.

A swimsuit, in fact, is a lingerie in which you are not ashamed to go out to people. You can swim, sunbathe, go for walks and even to discos in it. Swimsuit can perfectly emphasize your figure, making it more sexual, and maybe spoil it, adding extra centimeters in the waist and hips.

In 2013, both open and closed swimwear options will be fashionable. If you want to hit everyone with your style, then you can safely wear retro swimsuits. Well, first things first.


In 2013, bright colors will be especially popular, you can even say flashy. Also, designers propose to use the prints typical of this year's symbol.Why not walk on the beach in a leopard swimsuit? And let some say that it is vulgar, but it is fashionable and beautiful. By the way, a swimsuit is probably the only thing in the female wardrobe of a leopard color that does not irritate the strong half of humanity.

In addition to the leopard in the fashion will be the colors of python, snake skin and the mysterious jungle. Bright colors always attract attention and look interesting. On the swimsuit can be depicted tropical flowers, fruits and birds.

The brighter colors you wear, the more people's eyes will be chained to you. In addition, in summer it is generally better to forget about the monotonous and boring colors. Allow yourself a bright madness - it will look great on tanned skin.

Also relevant will be the Indian and Chinese themes. So a swimsuit with Chinese characters will look very unusual. Only desirable, swimsuits with this print to buy in normal stores, and then you will then walk with abusive words on the pope. It is better to buy a swimsuit with sakura flowers, it will look unusual and romantic on you.

And yet, despite the fact that the year of the dragon has already ended, you can buy a swimsuit with a picture of dragons. It can become a real work of art and is great for taking photos against the backdrop of seascapes and mountain ranges.

For fans of more restrained colors, designers will release swimsuits in cool colors. They will look bright not at the expense of color, but at the expense of cutting. In addition, it seems to be a standard white color, under no circumstances will not lose its relevance, since a tanned body and white is always a winning option.


The style must be chosen not only based on his fashion, but also on your figure. Separate - can not always afford to wear a lush girl. Therefore, having studied all the styles that are relevant for 2013, choose the perfect one. Do not avoid hiking with friends on the beach. If your body is not in the most magnificent condition, still feel free to undress.

Swimsuit, despite its miniature size is able to work wonders with your body. The main problem of a large number of girls are the sides, so when buying a top summer outfit, pay attention to the style that will hide this area.

Retro style

With each new fashion season, we are increasingly returning to the ideas of past decades.It is difficult to think of a new one, but it is much easier to modernize the old one. Of course, the first swimsuits did not look exactly like they are now. They were very closed and hid the female body to the maximum.

Modern summer swimsuits in retro style are not as closed as their predecessors, but at the same time, they look more modest than bikinis.

These swimsuits are made in soft colors, often closed cut. In retro swimsuits closed straps, may be frills and if it is a separate version, the trunks are shorts. These swimsuits can be worn safely, because they can hide small figure flaws.


Closed - it does not mean modesty. In the coming year will be fashionable models with a very deep neckline in the chest. In this swimsuit is unlikely you will be comfortable to swim, but to conquer all the men on a snow-white beach you probably will. Just do not think that the closed type of swimsuit is absolutely not sexy. If you have a waist and hips, then it will very favorably emphasize your silhouette.


These are closed-type swimsuits that have a variety of cuts. Most often they are located on the sides.Sunbathing in monokini can not, as the tan will be uneven. But, but this is a great option for a beach party. In it you will feel comfortable and beautiful. Only under the condition that your extra kilos will not hang down through special cuts. Still, you need to choose a swimsuit, based on your figure.


These are separate swimsuits, in which the bodices do not have a strap. They look beautiful on a small chest (visually making it larger) and on the middle one. These swimsuits will be decorated with rhinestones, embroidery and even lace. This is a great option for girls who can not boast of outstanding forms in the chest. Better neat breasts in an expensive swimsuit, than the big is not clear what.

Swimsuits look beautiful on a perfect body, so always go in for sports. Do not think that if the summer is still far away, then you can eat and gain extra centimeters. Remember that when summer comes, you will have to show your figure for everyone to see and it is important that everything is beautiful with you. Always think that men prefer to walk on the beach with gorgeous girls in miniature swimsuits without complexes.

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