Floristry and art

Floristry and artThe beginning of the 20th century in fine art was marked by the emergence of such a genre as a flower still life, which stood out as an independent form of painting. Great Russian artists presented us with many masterpieces, capturing the beauty of these gifts of nature. What flowers have become the muse of painters? We will tell in this article.

Close your eyes, imagine the carefree May outside. Fluffy hats of lilac bloom in gardens, parks and alleys, filling the clear spring air with a breathtaking scent. These luxurious inflorescences and are asked on the canvas of a talented artist to perpetuate these wonderful sensations of freedom, ascent and expectation of a miracle that gives this delicious flower.

Saying goodbye, spring leaves us a wonderful gift - peonies, which are touchingly blooming in many front gardens. Terry buds with quivering petals become the heart of not only any spring bouquet, but also the decoration of pictures. Absorbed in the spring purity and magic of the coming summer, peonies give all the beauty without a trace, happily sharing it with all connoisseurs of beauty.A bouquet of peonies, captured by the painter's brush, is a wonderful composition filled with charm and pacification.

Rose, as befits a queen, has a special place. It is difficult to find an artist who would never have depicted this flower on his canvases: on the hats of beautiful ladies, on the keys of the piano or as part of luxurious bouquets.

The refined form, natural grace and, of course, the flawless beauty of the roses inspire you to create the most true masterpieces. Passion, sensuality, romance and tenderness - this flower is not impossible, it will fill the atmosphere around you with invisible discharges that awaken the most secret feelings.

But the most piercing and touching pictures show images of modest wildflowers, because they are so sweet to the Russian heart. Cornflowers, chamomiles, bells, dearly loved by us since childhood, have hardly become a symbol of the Russian soul, our national wealth.

These flowers awaken the warmest childhood memories. Hot August, scarlet sun slowly rolls towards the horizon, the sun-warmed meadows beckon with enchanting aromas of wild flowers. You tear them off and run to your mom to hand her, perhaps, your very first and most expensive bouquet for her.

But everything comes to an end, and after the serene summer days came the golden autumn. When the fallen leaves are ready to fall asleep under the first snow, when winter is already slowly walking along the night streets, shrouding its way with frost, in spite of everything fearless chrysanthemums bloom, ready to argue with the cold. Among the wilted nature, they make an amazing impression, as if the artist threw out the remnants of bright colors on a flower bed and left in search of a new spring.

Seasons change, nature is renewed, but the heart is always waiting for a miracle. And you can share it! At any time of the year, you can please your favorite seasonal plants, which you will find in the catalogs of online stores. Moreover, you can order flowers with delivery in Moscow, which will give a surprise to your loved one.