Funny jokes for the Day of laughter

April 1 is a beautiful spring day on which it is customary to celebrate April Fool's Day. As a rule, co-workers, relatives, friends and just close people become objects of the drawing. Let's find out how you can make funny jokes for the Day of Laughter.

Raffle for the Day of Laughter: for colleagues

On the eve of April 1, many are thinking about how best to play a trick on their colleagues. In fact, a joke to the Day of Laughter for colleagues is a great opportunity not only to defuse the everyday working environment, but also to enhance the corporate spirit of the team. And what brings you closer than a cheerful laugh at a successful joke?

Of course, an April Fool's joke or joke should remain in the "plane" of working communication, and also be harmless for an employee-"object". Often, by April 1, in advance, whole comic scenarios and improvisations are invented, designed to amuse the work collective.

What fun jokes are common among office workers? Of course,“Palm of superiority” belongs to “nice” jokes in the style of “The director is calling you on the carpet!”, “They asked to go into the accounting department!” Or “I heard that you are waiting for dismissal (as an option - promotion)!”. No less popular are the telephone jokes for the April Fool's Day, when a “hapless” subscriber receives a call “from the bank” demanding to repay the loan ahead of time (you should first know whether the employee has a similar one).

Cheerful laughter can also be caused by a computer mouse, the bottom of which is sealed with scotch tape, a “broken” computer and other office equipment. What other rally for colleagues can you think of for a Day of Laughter? Here are some common options.

The start button disappeared

So, if Windows 9x is installed on the computer of the April Fool's "victim", you can press the Alt and "-" keys. All - the “Start” button disappears from the monitor, and it can be “replaced” only by overloading the system

A joke on the appearance

Surely in every team there is a person with particular trepidation relating to his appearance. When, on the morning of April 1, such an employee crosses the threshold of the office, a rally awaits him — the rest of his colleagues begin to look with interest and say something like “You are very photogenic! And what frank photos turned out! ".

April 1 - April Fool's Day: jokes for children

Every child just loves funny jokes on April 1. For example, you can prepare the following April Fools jokes.

School draw

On a piece of paper, a schoolboy writes a fable - “Look at the ceiling — there is a watermelon!” And transfers it to a neighbor. The note travels from the desk to the desk, and each child automatically looks to the ceiling. The teacher must be interested in what's going on there!

Surprise box

On this day, funny jokes you can prepare a small gift for the "experimental" played out. We take a box with an opening top (without the bottom) and put it on an elevation - for example, on the cabinet. We stick a bright noticeable sticker “Do not touch it with your hands!” On the surface, and fill the container with various tinsel and confetti. When the player enters the room and notices the box, he first removes it from the cabinet. Surprise! Multicolored confetti waterfall is falling on your head!

Fun Games on April 1st

Good joke on April 1 - fun games and competitions for children and adults. Scenarios and necessary materials for the Day of Laughter can be found on the pages of various thematic sites.


In this competition, children pass the ball to each other, holding his knees to the music. When the melody suddenly ends, a child drops out of the game, which at that moment had a ball.

Mood will be lifted up by funny songs on April 1 - for example, the song “Smile”. On April Fool's Day, you can also prepare songs-modifications to the motifs of famous performers.