Gel nail extensions: the pros and cons

Gel nails

Gel nails

Practically, every woman dreams of finding out all that is happening behind the doors of a beauty salon, how hair and skin care is carried out, how the eyelash extension process takes place or nail extension with the help of a gel. Recently, a huge number of questions have been devoted to helium. The process of nails with the help of the gel appeared quite recently and this method is no worse than acrylic, but the gel method has been gaining momentum lately.


Gel extension: how do such nails differ from acrylic



As soon as we hear about the gel, especially about nails, the question immediately arises, what is it for, because there is acrylic for this. Acrylic gives an excellent result during and after the build-up, it has no disadvantages. Why was to come up with a new one, if there is a beautiful method invented, after which the result is delicious.

But we need to understand this issue in more detail, and we learn that the gel from acrylic differs significantly.

- The gel does not have the ability to pass oxygen, but it is worth noting that the nail under the gel coating feels quite comfortable and does not interfere with the growth. With regular correction after the gel extension nails can serve you up to four months.

- The gel does not have an unpleasant smell, unlike acrylic.

- Gel nails inherent glossy shine, which gives the effect as if you had visited a nail salon. It is not necessary to apply varnish on gel nails.

- The gel hardens from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and therefore you should not be afraid of the fact that the gel dries quickly.

- The gel is more elastic than acrylic, so do not be afraid that the nail is deformed from the impact.

- Gel - an allergenic material, the master most suffer from allergies.


Design opportunities gel building.


Gel nails

Gel nails

Our site believes that gel build-up can very well make your nails stunningly beautiful and amazing. Due to the fact that the gel is transparent, you can depict some interesting patterns under it and at the same time you should not be afraid that the drawing will fade or erase.

Currently, you can find gels of different shades and colors.Nails, grown with a gel, look very bright and beautiful even without the use of lacquer, and if desired, you can apply or paste a pattern or crystals on the gel.

On the gel nails, you can depict the most interesting compositions, this is due to the fact that the gel is beautifully applied to the varnish and perfectly adheres to the glue. Nails in due time can have absolutely any shape and length. Pay attention to this video, which will help you deal with the issue.


Gel extension - for sensitive and thin nails.


There are still disputes over which build-up to choose, gel or acrylic, their truth has not yet been disclosed. Many women believe that acrylic is better, because stronger, others are rushing to refute this, exposing the gel, because he is an order of beauty, more pleasant and safer.

If it concerns beauty, then you shouldn’t argue anymore, it’s everyone’s business, people have different tastes. And when it comes to that, with the help of which it is better to build brittle and thin nails, as practice shows, in this case, it is better to resort of course to the gel.

Firstly, it is able to strengthen the nail, fill irregularities and cracks.

Secondly, ultraviolet light can degrease the surface of the nail, it reduces the risk of developing and the occurrence of any disease.

Gel nails: the main disadvantages.


Still, gel buildup has its drawbacks:


  • The duration of the procedure is more than three hours, it depends on how quickly your nails dry, because they must be dried under ultraviolet light.
  • Gel nails are not restored, if the nail was damaged, then it should be immediately removed and build a new one.
  • It is impossible to remove gel nails by yourself only with a master special nail file.
  • Gel nails are fragile, unlike nails from acrylic.
  • The gel gives the nail a noticeable thickness, which is very different from the present. If you turn to a true professional, then he is able to make the nail so thick as when building acrylic.


Types of gel extensions.



Gel nails

Gel nails

The end result will be not only what material the master uses, but also for what technology he uses it.

Gel extensions can be produced, as well as acrylic, using tips or forms.

There are even three-phase, two-phase and single-phase gel building.

  1. In single phase, only one layer of gel is applied to the nail.
  2. At two-phase gel is applied in two layers, first protective, then main.
  3. Perhaps one of the most reliable ways to build up is three-phase. Three layers are applied on the nail and each of them is individually dried with an ultraviolet ray. Thanks to this method, extended nails on this technology become more durable.


Gel nails care.



If your nails were prone to gel growth, then you should avoid any manicure actions, but do not forget about the correction. It is worth remembering:

  • Do not expose the nails to a large load, at home in any work, use special gloves.
  • Gel nails are not adapted to sudden temperature changes, and in the cold can even crack.
  • Take care of your nails from fire, because the gel can quickly catch fire.
  • Do not file your nails with a small file.

If you follow your gel nails correctly and reverently, but your nails will stay beautiful for a long time, and the money spent on building up will pay off in a positive mood.After all, how wonderful it is when a person, and especially women, have beautiful, well-groomed nails.