Glitter of high fashion and women-flowers Jean Louis Sabaji

Jean-Louis Sabai (Jean Louis Sabaji) - a young designer from Lebanon, whose collections, the first of which saw the light in 2012, meet with a warm welcome from the public. His creations, worked out in the smallest details, dazzle with beauty and femininity and embody true glamor.

The main source of inspiration for Jean-Louis is nature, amazing flora and fauna. It's no wonder that his models so often resemble beautiful flowers. However, he turns to the creations of human hands, finding images in painting, architecture, music. The designer defines his style as ultra-simple, simple (but not too simplified), modern with a drop of eccentricity. He loves luxurious textures: silk, organza, taffeta, lace and embroidery.

To say that Jean-Louis had a passion for fashion since childhood would not be an exaggeration. The magical spirit of Haute Couture surrounded him in his father's atelier, where the boy played among mannequins dressed in princess dresses. Not fairy princesses, but the real ones - his father, a successful designer, has worn the royal family of Saudi Arabia since 1986.

At university, Jean-Louis studied graphic design, comprehending the science of lines, shapes and colors. After graduation, he went to Milan, where he studied the art of fashion, and then trained at the homes of Frankie Morello and Maurizio Gallente. In 2010, the young designer returned to his native Beirut and joined the family business, and a year later he headed it and led a new way: from working behind closed doors for a narrow circle of elect to the brilliance of fashion shows and world fame.

Jean-Louis does not work on the flow. He remains loyal to the traditions of high fashion - manual work and an individual approach. For his clients, he often modifies the outfits from the shows, adapting them for wearing in real life. The podium is a place for experimentation, self-expression and disclosure of talent, so there are no restrictions.