How beautiful to draw a girl?

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How beautiful to draw a girl?

It is rather difficult to draw a portrait - an image of a real person or a group of people. After all, to draw beautifully both a girl and a child, you need to transfer as real as possible real features to the canvas (or paper) so that they look like living ones. You can learn more about the styles of artwork in our Drawing section.

Technique drawing a portrait of a girl

If the first time you fail to draw a girl beautifully (and if attempts were unsuccessful both in pencil and paint), then you do not have to despair. After all, a portrait is a rather complicated drawing. If you need to draw a child portrait, we recommend reading our article - How to draw a girl.

So, let's consider step by step how beautiful it is to draw a girl with a pencil:

  1. To begin drawing it is necessary with an oval or a circle which imitates the outlines of the girl’s face. Inside it mark with light strokes of the place where the eyes, lips and nose are located.
  2. Next, you need to stroke the outline of the head (along with the hair), outline the hair line.
  3. Next, go to the drawing of individual elements of the face. Outlines of eyebrows, upper eyelids and eyelashes are drawn. After that draw the outline of the nose. This is one of the most important details of how to paint a girl's face beautifully.Drawing girls
  4. Next you need to finish with the outline of the eye: the pupils and eyeballs in general are drawn very carefully. The upper and lower lashes are made clearer.
  5. Then draw the lips of a girl. You can stroke the outline first - in height and width, and then draw the mouth "for fair". Additionally, skin folds that express a person's emotions are drawn around the mouth.
  6. Next, “draw up” a girl's hairstyle with a pencil. The lines that imitate the hair should be smooth, some of them can be made a little thicker than the others, which will give the hair "volume".
  7. Then draw shadows - near the nose, under the eyes and around the lips. It is especially convenient to draw a shadow with a simple pencil, since a different degree of pressure on it gives a different shade of a pencil. The shadows on the portrait make drawing more alive and deep.

You can master other techniques of portrait work after reading our article - How to draw a portrait of a girl.

How beautiful to draw a girl in full growth

In order to depict the figure of a girl in full growth, they resort to approximately the same drawing technique as described above. First, make sketches of the picture, which are then drawn with clearer lines. Especially beautiful is the portrait of a girl in a dress.

After the work done with an eraser remove the auxiliary dashed lines.