How beautiful to pull out eyebrows?

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How beautiful to pull out eyebrows?

The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul. Expressive eyes can be a powerful weapon in the hands of any woman in the struggle for men's attention. How open and attractive the look will be depends largely on the shape of the eyebrows. Here are some tips on how to beautifully pluck the eyebrows at home.

Preparation for the procedure

Some women prefer to do eyebrow correction in beauty salons. However, this is not a complicated procedure so that you cannot perform it yourself at home. All you need for this is:

  • tweezers;
  • mirror;
  • cotton pads;
  • alcohol lotion;
  • any thin stick (you can also use a brush or pencil);
  • eyebrow pencil.

Step-by-step instruction

There are many techniques and ways to properly pluck beautiful eyebrows. The most common method is to delineate the shape of the eyebrow using 3 points:

  1. Treat with alcohol lotion tweezers and eyebrow, which you are going to pull out.
  2. Sit in front of the mirror in a well-lit room. It is best to sit in front of the window in the daylight.
  3. Pick up the wand.
  4. Attach one tip of the wand to the wing of the nose so that it is exactly perpendicular to the surface. Pencil mark the point of intersection of the sticks and eyebrows - from this place the eyebrow should begin. If you measure this point correctly, it will be located a little further than the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Look straight ahead. Then reattach the wand to the nose with one edge. Position the wand with the other edge so that it passes through the other side of the iris of the eye, which is closest to the outer corner of the eye. Once again, mark the point at which the wand crosses the eyebrow — this will be the eyebrow lifting point.
  6. The last point indicates the place where the eyebrow should end. The wand is applied so that its lower tip touches the wing of the nose and passes through the outer corner of the eye. And again we mark with a pencil the place where the eyebrow line crosses the wand.
  7. When all three points are marked, it is necessary to form a future line of your eyebrow on them. Extra hairs that extend beyond this line are pulled out with tweezers.Remember that from the point of the beginning of the eyebrow and up to the line of elevation the shape of the eyebrow should be completely straight, as if formed by two parallel lines. And starting from the point of lifting the eyebrow should go down a little and gradually narrow.
  8. Do the same procedure with the second eyebrow.
  9. Pull out hairs necessarily for hair growth and with the root.
  10. To avoid painful sensations when removing hairs, some girls put pieces of ice before the procedure. In most cases, to facilitate the process of removing hair from the eyebrows, you can simply slightly pulling up the skin in the place where you are going to remove hair.
  11. It is better to pull out eyebrows gradually, removing literally 2-3 hairs and carefully watching what you do. Since eyebrows grow long enough, correcting the results of incorrect eyebrow correction can be very difficult.