How convenient to store shoes in the hallway: a modern shelf for shoes

Our entrance hall is the hallmark of our apartment. Chaos on the floor in the hallway is not a lack of time, but the lack of reasonable solutions for how convenient it is to store all the necessary shoes in a small hallway.

Let's look at the modern shoe rack that will help us find an acceptable option for placing all of our shoes in the hallway.

If you don’t like it when dust accumulates on the shoes on the open shelves and you don’t have room for a high-grade closet for shoes, then the option of such a closed shelf for shoes may interest you.

If you are in favor of quickly and conveniently removing shoes in the hallway, then it is better to choose such an open shelf for shoes.

As sometimes happens - cleaned up. everything is pure and grandly standing on the shelves, but there comes a new week and with it comes the usual confusion.

Therefore, choosing the options how to store shoes, evaluate not the beauty of the picture.and personally your habits and convenience specifically for you.

Have you thought that for 3-4 pairs of shoes that you wear in a season, a small shelf is enough?

In order for each family member to have their own place on the shoe shelf, you can consider such a modular version of the organization of space in the hallway.

If the corridor is narrow, then a shelf with inclined shoes will be practical.

In addition, on such a shelf wet shoes dries faster.

Of course, a spacious wardrobe could solve the problem of shoe storage overnight, but, unfortunately, not every apartment has room for it, so we make the most efficient use of the space that we have.

For those who do not like the open view of the shelves for shoes, you can choose the option of a shelf with plastic containers - inexpensive and quite practical.

If you are proud and love your high-quality shoes, then such a comfortable wooden shelf can become an improvised showcase.

A miniature and convenient shoe rack for those who use the shelf as intended,
and not for storing shoes for all seasons.

Whatever storage options for shoes in the hallway you choose, but initially you need to do one thing -
get rid of old and unused shoes.

Shelves for shoes are not able to accommodate everything, so use them to store really relevant shoes and do not be lazy to timely clean out-of-season shoes for storage.