How does a baby appear?

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How does a baby appear?

Every child has heard many incredible options for where children come from. Someone says that a stork brings babies, someone that you can buy a baby in a store or find in cabbage. There is something to get confused. But all these stories are fictions. How children are born is described in this article.

Why do children appear

Both parents in the body have seed cells, which, if joined together, give rise to a new life. Daddy's seed is called a sperm cell, and mom's is called an egg cell. The sperm cell looks like a tadpole and can move independently. During a love relationship (which is called intercourse), daddy's seed goes to mom's tummy. There it is waiting for the egg. The sperm penetrates into the mother's seed and from the resulting cell - zygote - the child begins to develop.

How does a person make a seed

First of all, I must say that both the spermatozoon and the egg cell in the stomach of the mother simply do not walk.For their meeting and the subsequent development of the child there are special bodies. So mom's seed quietly waits for a meeting with the sperm inThe appearance of childrenoviduct. This is a thin tube, on the inner surface of which there are cilia. The movement of these cilia pushes the egg as it were, and if it has already met with the spermatozoon, the zygote, towards the uterus. The uterus has the appearance of a leather pouch in which the fetus will develop. This process is not fast and takes about 9 months. That is how much a child needs from a seed to turn into a person.

Our mega-seed, a zygote, is first divided into two completely identical cells, each of these cells into two more. It turns out 4. Of the four cells formed 8, of 8 - 16, and so on. When the cells become quite a lot, they begin to divide the functions between themselves. An ear is formed from one group, an eye from another group, a leg from a third group. This is how a little man is gradually formed.

After what event the babies come out of mom's tummy

The process of having a baby is called childbirth. The mother has a special hole in the lower abdomen, which is connected to the uterus with a tube.So that the child does not �run away� from there, between the uterus and this tube for the entire duration of pregnancyChilda cork is formed of mucus. When it comes time to give birth, this tube dissolves, and the uterus begins to shrink. Mom helps her straining her stomach. And together they push the baby out. If everything goes well, the child is born after a while.

The process of formation and birth of a child is much more interesting than any of the fictional theories. About how children appear, you can learn by viewing the educational video.