How does it feel to live in a trailer?

Many have seen in foreign films mobile trailers, equipped for housing, however, what is it, in fact, to live in such a limited and unusual space?

Luxury life in the trailer is not exactly called, however, the thoughtful planning and sense of style make this kind of housing quite cozy and comfortable. For example, Matthew Hofman, the founder of the design bureau HofArc, quite comfortably housed with his girlfriend in a vintage Australian trailer with a total area of ​​slightly less than 15 m2. Matthew does not consider the trailer a temporary haven, on the contrary, for him it is a visual opportunity to demonstrate how few things, in fact, we need for life.

In addition to the compact kitchen and bathroom, equipped with everything necessary, there was a place in the trailer for a home office, which, thanks to simple manipulations and a computer placed on a movable arm, easily turns into a double bed.

A couple of newlyweds from Sv. Carolina, Jordan and Brittany Griggs (Jordan and Brittany Griggs) left their homes for the sake of life on wheels, fulfilling the childhood dream of Jordan, a professional golfer.Brittany refused to work as a photographer, having fully concentrated on the career of a coach, and they set off on a six-month journey in a trailer covering an area of ​​25.6 square meters.

The main problem for the couple was the search for a trailer with a high ceiling, so that Jordan, whose height is 198 cm. When this was revealed, the pair had only to create comfort and coziness so that the journey would be pleasant in all respects.

Surprisingly, even a large work table for two, a comfortable double bed and a wardrobe fit in the trailer.

Additional storage areas hide in unexpected places.

The kitchen and the bathroom are also equipped with the necessary minimum.


The abundance of cute images and accessories helped to give the mobile home the look of a real family nest, in which to have a good time, even if in relative crowdedness.