How does the golden needle in the ear lose weight

The principle of the earrings

There are many reasons for which overweight appears. Specialists divided them into two main ones. First of all, these are disorders in the endocrine system and metabolism. Also, overweight can suffer because of the usual overeating.
These problems can cope with a seemingly ordinary accessory. This is an earring made of 750 gold and made in the form of a needle with a round ear. Eastern healers have long known that there are biologically active points on the auricles, when stimulating which it is possible to influence the processes occurring in the human body.
In particular, doctors have found that it is on the ears of a person that a lot of nerve endings are concentrated, which are directly related to the feeling of satiety. Earring, simultaneously performing the functions of jewelry and therapeutic devices, effectively affects the area of ​​appetite.Thanks to its influence, people are saturated with a smaller amount of food and in the intervals between meals do not suffer from the endless feeling of hunger.

How does the golden needle for weight loss

Chinese igloo can not be bought in the online store and independently pierce the ear. First, the specialist must determine the patient’s health condition, age and weight. In accordance with the individual testimony of a doctor sets the duration of the course, during which it will observe the process of losing weight. Usually this period can last from one month to six months, in some cases longer. The patient should go to an appointment with his specialist for the entire course of treatment so that he fixes the results and makes a decision on the procedure extension.
Dr. Mukhina claims that the golden earring has some contraindications. The main limitation is allergy to gold. Also, you can not lose weight with an earring for pregnant and lactating women. A significant contraindication is that a person to whom acupuncture is applied must have a normal, normalized working day with a full night’s rest.Otherwise, in a stressful situation of the body and overstretching, the action of the golden needle will be useless. Also at risk are people with diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, bulimia, and some chronic diseases involving heart, liver, or kidney failure.
Usually a gold earring works in several directions at once. It gently corrects the patient's eating behavior without kinking toward overeating or fasting. It also becomes a stabilizer of the process of assimilation of fats and their breakdown. Metabolism returns to normal, the skin of the body and face is tightened. As a result, a person is completely transformed both internally and externally.

Gold earring and diet

However, the effectiveness of the impact of the Chinese needle will be carried out only in combination with a special diet developed by the author of the method, Dr. Mukhina. In the patient's diet should be combined two principles. The first - dinner should not take place later than 6 pm. Secondly, it is necessary to completely abandon potatoes, flour and sugar-containing products, as well as alcohol.
The first week the patient suffers restrictions in food with difficulty. Then, with the help of an active influence on the body of a gold earring, a gradual transition of a person to proper nutrition occurs. The effect of the golden earring is enhanced by additional acupuncture sessions, which, if necessary, are prescribed by the doctor.