How does the plane work?

The plane is one of the most amazing inventions of mankind. After all, at all times, people dreamed of rising into the sky like birds, and now their dream was practically realized! Let's take a closer look at how the plane works, what is the principle of its structure.

Aircraft structure

Planes take to the air because its wings, gaining great speed, create a force that pushes the plane. It is also called lift. In accordance with the laws of physics, air pressure, where the flow velocity is much higher, will be much lower, and vice versa. Such a difference in pressure and generates lift force on the plane.

For the first time, the Russian scientist N.Е. began to study the basics of aerodynamics. Zhukovsky. In 1904, he formulated a theorem that explained the reasons for the creation of lift and formed the basis of the structure of modern aircraft.

If we talk about how the aircraft is arranged, then it can be noted that it is the wing that is the main component for creating lift. It has an area that could create a lifting force capable of lifting an airplane that weighs several tens of tons.The second factor affecting the flying ability of a given vehicle is speed. It depends on it how long the plane will fly and at what altitude. The average speed of modern aircraft is 180-250 km / h, but sometimes it is higher.

Flight altitude

The higher the aircraft flies, the lower the resistance of the aircraft to the air, which contributes to a large extent to fuel economy. If the plane flies at a distance of 10 thousand meters above the ground, the fuel economy is 80 percent of the flight at 1 thousand meters. However, each aircraft has a height above which it is forbidden to rise. For example, in the most famous TU-154 aircraft, the flight ceiling is about 12 thousand meters.

The body of the aircraft is the fuselage. It is here that the cockpit, control systems, fuel tanks, and passenger seats are located. In order to understand what the aircraft looks like inside, it is necessary to imagine that the cockpit first goes, which must be isolated from the main part of the aircraft, and then the passenger compartments, which can also be divided into classes.

Many passengers are often concerned about the question of how the toilet is arranged in an airplane.It can be noted here that it is usually of a closed type, since when flying at a high altitude the aircraft is sealed. The aircraft is a mini-complex containing not only seating and a toilet, but also a bar with a kitchen and service staff. Flying in an airplane today is not only pleasant, but also comfortable. Modern airlines are doing everything possible and impossible.

Flights on airplanes are an integral part of our daily life. A few centuries ago, a person could not even imagine that, thanks to flying through the air, he could travel thousands of kilometers in just a few hours.

The structure of the aircraft is not as simple as it seems at first glance, only designers will be able to understand it. But the ability to fly from an airplane appeared after a person learned to use the laws of physics.