How easy is it to choose and buy pedestals for sinks? We will tell you!

When it is planned to install a suspended washbasin, it is proposed to additionally purchase a pedestal. It is a special support that provides reliable fixing of plumbing.


The use of the pedestal becomes justified due to the fulfillment of several important purposes at once. First of all, we are talking about the functional purpose, which is to support the sink. This support ensures reliable installation and fastening.

With a pedestal you can hide ugly pipes, which is important when decorating the interior of the room. The plumbing itself, installed on such a support, has a beautiful and complete appearance.

Another interesting option is the shells, complemented by a semi-pedestal. It provides for attachment to the surface.The advantages of this type of sanitary ware include the possibility to leave a free space at the bottom, which will greatly facilitate cleaning in the room. In addition, the design itself looks in the interior easily, stylishly and airily.


The main differences in the proposed types of pedestals lies in their overall dimensions, shapes, style. Of course, the materials used for manufacturing are taken into account. They must be strong enough, reliable and durable to withstand the sink, to serve for a long period of time.


Selecting the appropriate type, you should carefully read the basic parameters. These include the type of sanitary ware, its width, length, height. It is especially important to consider what materials are used to make, for example, porcelain. The field of application also has value, for example, models can be designed for use in living quarters.

The assortment of pedestals for sinks, see the link:


High quality will delight pedestals offered for sale by well-known manufacturers:

  • Ifo;
  • Ideal Standard;
  • Ido;
  • Roca;
  • Gustavsberg;
  • Santek.


The prices are affected by the materials and characteristics of each particular model. The price range of pedestals sold on sale varies from about 1,000 rubles to 15,000 rubles. Being guided by the planned amount, the available wishes, each buyer will be able to choose the most suitable option for cost and properties. It will be a user-friendly plumbing fitting that fits well with the bathroom.