How I chose the bracelet mascot

Many of us faced in life with a coincidence that influenced his entire future life. For some, such a moment was successfully passed at the Unified State Examination School, someone met their love in a completely unexpected place. To explain all this at a rational level is rather difficult, and often simply impossible. Who prompted me to read the necessary paragraph on the night before the exam? What made you go shopping at an inopportune time? Still, there are some higher forces that keep us and direct us on the right path. Our ancestors knew a lot about this; it was not for nothing that they hung various amulets on the door, laid them under the threshold of the hut, and did not forget about themselves.

They say it is not so difficult to choose your talisman, the main thing is to concentrate and understand what your soul is for. So I decided to try to buy myself a beautiful thing, which at the same time would be a kind of amulet. My choice fell on products from pomegranate and silver. They are so similar to the rosary!

Bracelet Mascot Pomegranate - a natural stone in a bracelet

Bracelet Mascot Heart beat, natural garnet bracelet

Bracelet-mascot Cross (Cross), faceted garnet bracelet

I chose the latest model. The faceted pebbles are pleasant to the touch, when they are touched, it somehow calms down, helps to tune in to the right wave, concentrate, but for me it is important: working with clients even on the phone, even live, is an activity that requires concentration and patience.

At home, trying again on my new bracelet with my favorite blouses, jeans and dresses, I finally realized that I was so enchanted with this little thing. This is the iridescent shine of the faces that let in bright red sparks in the light, and if you look closely, it seems as if in the depths of the stones warm lights begin to burn. This thing is as if alive, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

I was curious, and I looked at a couple of sites where the influence of stones on the signs of the zodiac was described in detail. Since I am a typical Aries, I learned the following: many astrologers "prescribe" rubies and grenades to me as appropriate to temperament. In addition, the pomegranate is ideal for creative and public personalities, helps uncover talents, brings harmony to the family and strengthens relationships.Well, I confess, my intuition did not let me down. Looks like I found my talisman!