How not to recover for the holidays?

Our people adore holidays, these days we are ready to spend a lot of money just to make everything gorgeous on this day. We like to eat expensive meals and drink good alcohol at least a few times a year. Dining on holidays is fundamentally different from our usual menu. Therefore, all our parties are heavily tolerated by the body. We will discuss today about how not to recover for the holidays and keep only positive impressions of the holiday.

Fortunately, our people do not every day hold grandiose feasts. Major holidays are Birthday, New Year and Christmas. The last two are the most insidious, as they smoothly pass each other. As a result, instead of two days of feast, we get them 6-8 days. During this short time, our body receives tremendous stress in the form of thousands of extra calories.

On Christmas and New Year's, you can decently spoil your mood by standing on the scales for a few seconds. Slimming is a long and painstaking process and the slightest failure of the regime will help you grow fat again.It's a shame to understand that you dropped three kilograms during a month of hard training and food restrictions in order to "eat" 4-5 kg ​​for some five days.

The picture goes, to put it mildly, gloomy. But this does not mean that on such great and good holidays as Christmas and New Year it is necessary to close from everything around and sit with a glass of yogurt in hand.

If you think over your food for the New Year and Christmas in advance, then you will not have the slightest impact on the figure. Therefore, you can now remember the tips that will allow you to meet New Year's holidays carelessly and with confidence that your figure will remain the same beautiful.

On holidays, 95% of people have one unpleasant problem - overeating. Because of him, we gain weight and have huge problems with the stomach and intestines. You can forget about overeating if you follow the recommendations tested by millions of people.

Tips and tricks

Some people on New Year's holidays use a special method. According to him, a person is required to make more physical efforts before the holidays, so that there is a reserve.In ordinary words, before the holidays, you need to lose a couple of kilos of your usual weight in order to return to it after a feast. Whether you call a number of useful methods, as your body will get a lot of stress. But, but the number of kilograms will remain the same.

The movement can make any normal person lose weight. Therefore, in the New Year holidays, the law begins to act: the more we eat, the more we move. On the New Year, it’s not hard to do, it’s enough not to fall down on a sofa after a feast, but to dance, take part in contests, and take a walk to the central tree of the city.

A week before the arrival of your favorite holidays, arrange a comfortable life for the body. Do not load it with harmful and heavy food, do not abuse alcohol and nicotine. Spend beauty treatments: massages and wraps.

During the meal, talk and chat. Not with a mouthful of course. Putting the cutlery more often aside, you will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy not only food, but also communication with native people. Only on New Year's holidays are allowed to affect only positive topics for conversation.

During the preparation of New Year's culinary masterpieces you can not constantly try them. Before your chiming clock, a lot of excess food will appear in your stomach. Therefore, while cooking, keep a glass of clean water next to you. Instead of eating, drink water.

Special food

Having appeared at the New Year's table, hundreds of temptations will appear before you. All dishes will be deliciously decorated and will produce a stunning aroma. Do not lose your head and stuff your mouth all in a row. Holiday is not only food, it is a good mood.

In the morning of December 31, have breakfast with your favorite light products. Make black bread toast and vegetable salad. Drink yogurt or kefir. Eat a light vegetable soup throughout the day. Do not go hungry, you should not feel hungry during the day.

Before you put the first spoonful of lettuce in your mouth and drink a sip of champagne, eat 2 chocolates. The sugar contained in them will pacify your whetted appetite and you will be less anxious to try all the delicacies.

Work out the New Year menu in advance. On the table should not be only meat, sausage and salads with mayonnaise. Prepare snacks from vegetables, fill the salads with olive oil, bake fish instead of pork.Try to use less products from the store: pies, sauces, canned goods.

Instead of carbonated drinks, drink natural freshly squeezed juices.

Chew each piece slowly, enjoy the whole bouquet of aromas. First eat one dish and only then go on to the next one.

Drink only one alcoholic drink during the gala dinner. Do not mix them.

Instead of sweets, put fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruits on the table. They are also tasty, only have fewer calories.

Eating right on holidays is problematic. But, if you are truly worried about your health, then you will find the strength to reasonably enjoy your food.

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