How do tattoos affect?

Tattoo on the body - a way to express your inner world, mood, show the difference from the gray mass. But almost no one thinks that a tattoo can not only be a consequence of a person�s disposition, but also influence destiny, character and actions. How do tattoos affect us, those who apply them?

Does it matter

To understand how tattoos affect destiny, you should consider where they are applied. If the tattoo is in sight, available to everyone, it means that its effect on a person will be noticeable and obvious. If the drawing is hidden under the clothes, it will influence the fate, but secretly. Now it�s worth telling how the tattoo affects a person depending on which part of the body it is applied to.

  • If the tattoo is applied in the neck, it will help the owner to curb excessive impulse, add restraint. At the same time, a calm person will introduce infantilism and inability to make decisions.
  • On the arm, the tattoo looks always advantageous, however, it can deprive a person of flexibility in decision making and will not allow to compromise.She is able not to go beyond the stereotypes.
  • Oddly enough, a tattoo on the chest leads to a secluded lifestyle. A person with her becomes uncommunicative and closed. Almost the same effect on the carrier tattoo on the stomach. He will communicate less and may lose some friends.
  • A tattoo on the back can make an upstart person. He will strive to prove to everyone that he is the best and most outstanding. A tattoo just below, on the buttocks, will make the master insecure. He will constantly need approval and despair from any criticism.

What is drawn

Now we will figure out which type of pattern is most preferable, and which is better not to use. How does a tattoo affect a person? If it is decided to inflict any animal, then it is worth finding out what it means. Butterfly - rebirth. After all, at first she was a caterpillar, and only then became a beauty. Although, it is believed that the moth symbolizes debauchery. Turtle - longevity, wisdom. And also - slowness. Snake - grace, flexibility. However, evil language, cruelty.

If there is a desire to put a flower or floral pattern, then there are contradictions here too.This type of drawing adds femininity, flexibility, gives the character softness. Therefore, it is undesirable to apply it to a man. The star will make strive for perfection, for harmony. However, the character will give some rigidity and sharpness of judgment.

Impact of pictures on health

Recently, it was reported that the paint used for tattooing can cause skin cancer. However, this cannot be considered a serious obstacle, since mobile phones and widespread smoking are no less harmful. There is another danger of tattoos. Through a needle, a person can get an infection with AIDS or liver disease. Therefore, it is important to make a tattoo only in decent places in which the needles are sterilized thoroughly.

How does a tattoo on life, human health, can tell those who are engaged in those who deliver people from them. There are cases when people want to reduce the tattoo, because it prevents them from living or makes dissonance in the relationship. However, getting rid of the tattoo is difficult. Sometimes it takes several sessions to bring out the picture cleaned up, often scars remain. Therefore, it is worth thinking and making a sensible decision before applying an indelible pattern on the skin and on your own destiny.