How to always feel good

One of the most reliable medicines for stress is a hobby. From reading, embroidery and knitting to fishing and artistic forging. With an acute fit, time-trouble does not have to spend several hours on your favorite activity - you will constantly think about outstanding cases, and much-needed rest will be darkened by convulsive attempts to figure out how to complete a list of commitments in the remaining time. Fifteen to twenty minutes of reading or listening to your favorite music - and the problems no longer seem so large-scale, and thoughts are put in the proper order.
By the way, listening to music is recommended not only to raise the mood, but also to restore emotional balance. On the alarm bell you can put your favorite incendiary melody, but if you need to calm down and come to your senses, listen to the quiet, leisurely compositions, recordings of the sounds of nature that you like.While listening, try to breathe deeply, measuredly, to protect yourself from everything external - these minutes are devoted only to you and your world.
Teach yourself not to try to solve all problems immediately and right away. The situation may well seem hopeless if you don’t separate one task from another than significantly increase the scale of the disaster in your mind. Procrastination can be attributed to the same point - the constant postponement of “for later” problems that in any case require a solution. If you are familiar with this phenomenon firsthand, admit this weakness to yourself and start making lists of cases for the day. So you can see the real picture of the circumstances (do not be surprised if you find that everything is not as scary as it seemed) and understand which matters are more important and which ones can wait. Be sure to note the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the tasks set, over time this will help to organize your day correctly and avoid many stressful situations.
Wellbeing is not only a vigorous spirit, but also a healthy body. If you do not have serious health problems requiring professional treatment,Try to simply pay attention to your body, maintaining it with a vitamin complex recommended by your doctor and, if possible, a balanced diet.