How to apply for a thesis?

Writing a thesis. Everyone faced with this difficult task. Professions are different topics, too, but an important part of any diploma is its appearance. And to be more precise, the cover or cover. Why should you give this great value? Yes, because always about a person the first opinion is formed in the first few seconds or minutes. Much more advantageous will be the situation when a person comes to the defense of a thesis, who has a solid, beautifully designed diploma in a hard cover in his hands. It may look like a similar diploma on the website The emphasis is placed on a spectacular appearance.

Before moving on to the advantages of hard binding, let's briefly touch on other types of design. A soft cover can be used to decorate a diploma, but in this case it will look like a shapeless bundle of paper. Subconsciously, the members of the examination committee may consider such a person to be careless, due to the fact that he did not properly take care of the result of his labors.For soft cover ordinary cardboard is used, which is sometimes decorated with lamination or varnishing. This refers to the title inscription "Diploma" or "Thesis".

The second cheapest way to design is stitching. Of course, it can be applied for a thesis, but it is highly undesirable to use this method. The entire pack of paper is put on a plastic or metal spring, and from the outside it looks like a common notebook for notes. And examples of really spectacular diplomas can be seen at in the section printing products.

What are the advantages of hard cover? Firstly, it is the use of special binding cardboard for making the crusts themselves. On the inside, the cardboard is finished with a special sheet - fly-leaf. Requirements for cardboard are determined by state standards, which means that the quality of the finished product is protected by the state standard. The cover of the cardboard can be made of different materials, depending on the financial capabilities of the customer. This is the usual lamination and lining high-quality natural leather.On the cover with the help of blint or foil embossing the necessary inscriptions are made (in addition to the capital ones). Sometimes a special bookmark tape is also used - a cap that is mounted on the spine of the folder. Well, if you make a cover with the use of bookbinding of pages, then such a thesis will continue for many years.