How to ask for forgiveness from a loved one?

May 25, 2012
How to ask for forgiveness from a loved one?

Quarrels, scandals, offenses - unfortunately, they are frequent guests in our relations, which take away our energy and poison our feelings. Starting a fight or finding out is easy. But then reconcile is not so easy. No one wants to back down and be the first to ask for forgiveness. Because of our pride and stubbornness, cold silence can last for several hours, days, or even weeks. Psychologists believe that conflicts are necessary for our psyche, as a way to relieve tension. However, remember that the words spoken in the heat of a quarrel are the most offensive and uncontrollable, and usually have nothing to do with the speaker's true point of view. How to resolve the conflict and re-establish friendly and tender relations? Sometimes, one way out - to ask for forgiveness from a loved one. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it.

How to ask for forgiveness from a loved one: general rules

  • After a quarrel, let each other cool for at least an hour. Let everyone sit and think, deal with anger.
  • Assess the severity of the conflict.Is it all so hopeless, are your disagreements so terrible? Usually, it turns out that no. Remember your goal is not to defeat your loved one, but to build a relationship with him. You should not be offended by rude words that your companion or companion blurted out in the heat of an argument - in fact, he / she does not think so.
  • Start the rapprochement. You can just talk about what happened. Say that you want to make up, establish relationships. Perhaps your beloved craves the same, but hesitates to take the first step. In no case do not blame or blame your partner, otherwise a new quarrel may arise. Correctly choose the tone of the conversation - it should not be either ingratiating or revealing. You can touch your arm or shoulder. Be sure to say that you love, that a partner is important and necessary for you.
  • Remember, asking for forgiveness is not a weakness or humiliation. On the contrary, it is your strength - you calmly admit your mistakes and can correct them and not repeat them in the future.
  • Good help to relieve stress kisses, hugs, intimate relationships. Often couples experience spontaneous reconciliation during sex. Touches will make the partner understand that he is still loved by you, despite the quarrel.

Many young people are interested in how beautiful it is to ask for forgiveness of your beloved? Everyone knows that girls love romance - use this to get forgiveness from your beloved.

  • Invite a girl to a romantic dinner, light candles, present her favorite flowers or a soft toy.
  • Send her a courier with a chic bouquet to work with a note about love.
  • If you live together, you can do one general cleaning, or prepare dinner for her arrival.
  • The main thing is to tell the girl that you have realized your guilt, tell me about your love, that you do not want to lose it. Sincere words of love are always better than any gift.

So do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness if you are really to blame. Be happy!