How to assemble a sink?

Natalia Kozlova
Natalia Kozlova
November 17, 2014
How to assemble a sink?

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How to assemble a sink?

To assemble the sink in the kitchen, even mortise, can almost anyone. You only need to know the order of the assembly. Sinks of different companies are somewhat different from each other in details, but basically they are all the same, usually differences in the methods of fastening. Therefore, here we describe only the procedure for assembly. If any questions remain unclear, take a look at the Household Tips page.

How to assemble a kitchen sink: the procedure

So, we believe that you have already assembled a table under the sink, and its size exactly corresponds to the size of the sink. You also took into account where the pipe with hot and cold water would be, where there would be a hole for taps, and you correctly selected the sink in the store.

  1. We unpack the sink, check the completeness, which should be in the instructions attached to the sink.
  2. We measure the shell dimensions. You need to measure not on the edge, which will fall on the tabletop, but on the internal diameter.
  3. We draw a seat on the tabletop, carefully cut it out with a jigsaw, check how the sink enters the hole.SinkPerhaps the design of the sink is such that the holes for the water pipes need to be cut separately. Then, during the test, mark the place for pipes on the table top and drill the corresponding holes.
  4. We make out the outlet, as stated in the instructions.
  5. We collect the overflow and after connecting with the release fasten the whole structure to the sink.
  6. Fasten the water seal.
  7. We put the sink in its place in the tabletop, fasten. With any design it does not hurt if you pre-lubricate the sealant and immediately insert the sink. After the sealant has dried, cut off the excess with a knife.
  8. Connect overflow with sewage.