How to be a mistress?

Women who are married hate mistresses. Naturally, they have their own reasons. Only no one thinks that girls in this role, too, is not easy. A mistress is a woman who goes under some conditions, it is a parallel world and she knows this very well. Let's talk about how to be a mistress.

Stereotypes and reality

It has long been the opinion of people that the lover is a second-rate woman who is in 10th place in the life of a man. In fact, this is not always the case, but the lover and the beloved are two different things.

Yet it is no secret to anyone that a traitor (man) remembers his secret passion only when he is very tired of something or is missing something. Some are simply excited to realize that two beauties are competing for him. This increases manhood, and the man feels happy. The wife does not relax, she is in good shape all the time. Sometimes a man wants two different women. An intelligent, always ideally well-groomed wife tired of him, he finds himself a vulgar untidy maiden, who creates a contrast in his life bored with him. He goes to his "secret" for an hour to get a charge of emotions, and plunge into the festive atmosphere.

How to live a mistress

  • You need to create a holiday in his life. Otherwise, why should he go to you? Gray days he and home missing.
  • A wife can allow herself to be sometimes in a negligee. A bathrobe, slippers, hair curlers, feet not shaved for a couple of days are her privilege. You should always look perfect. Sexy, well-groomed, elegant - only he will want to return to that.
  • Do not learn to live with him, learn to coexist. Do not look for an assistant in it, do not ask to go to the grocery store, take out the garbage, fix something in the house, etc. From this, to some extent, he runs. The man came for a short time, he was beautiful and well-groomed, gave a moment of happiness and disappeared. If he stays with you at night, lives in two families, then proceed already from the capabilities of your nervous system. Even if you indulge in the hope of living together, do not let your thoughts about a beautiful wedding and children come to you for the time being. Men do not like talking about children, especially think about it: if he is able to leave his children and leave for you, then where is the guarantee that once he will not do the same with you and your child?

Love arrangement

Before you get married, the husband and wife conclude a contract. In it, they indicate how they will live, how to raise children, distribute the family budget, etc. If this contract is not, then in any case they discuss it with each other.

With his mistress, everything happens differently. Some women say that they are satisfied that the lover comes in an hour. They themselves are married and they do not need more. But free girls think so only at the beginning. "I will be coming to you quite a bit." "Good". "We will be a holiday for each other and nothing more." "Agree". Then, over time, the girl in her head there are strange things, she begins to dream about marriage, about the joint children. She wants to bind herself and his duties, to come out on top in the competition with his wife. How to be a mistress in this position?


"When the dream came true, it is better to die" - this is a purely male opinion. You must understand that if you become a wife for him, you lose all the charm and all the meaning. He wants to run to you and secretly revel in your presence, and not wake up next to each other. Maybe at first glance, and it seems that he wants to leave his wife, children and be only with you. No.Consider why he doesn't do it then? Too few men marry their mistresses. And if this happens, then trips to his wife's home, for example, on his son's birthday never end. And, believe me, the connection of those who tied the knot together can never be completely severed, and when the wife turns into a mistress, you will certainly not be able to compete with her.

How to be a mistress? And is it worth it at all? Maybe better to find your man? Not someone else's, not busy, but only his personal? Start living from scratch, not losing yourself with impossible hopes.