How to become a real vampire?

Vampires are creatures from the fantasy world who take to the streets at night and feed on the blood of people and animals. Vampires can exist in the form of a bat, dog, spider, and man. There are several ways to transform this creature.

Magic way

According to beliefs, a person acquires the mystical abilities after being bitten by a real vampire. If you are interested in how to become a real vampire, you will need to first summon the creature that will turn you on. If you believe the advice of some magicians, then this can be done as follows:

  1. Go to the ritual goods store and buy a cover for the dead, 13 black candles, a wreath with a black ribbon without a signature.
  2. In the house, turn off the lights, turn off all electrical appliances so that they do not create unnecessary energy interference to the vampire.
  3. From one o'clock to three at night (this is the best time to call a vampire), put a blanket and a wreath in front of the mirror, place lighted candles in a circle, the wreath should be reflected in the mirror through the flame.
  4. Looking at the reflection of the flame of candles in the mirror, say: "Vampire, do not come with war, but with the world." Look carefully in the mirror - if the stain appeared, then the vampire came to your call.
  5. Now, trying not to betray your excitement, ask the creature if you can draw. You can also ask any other question. After you have been answered, immediately collect all the things that were used for the ritual and bring them to the street. It is advisable to burn everything.
  6. If the stain in the mirror did not appear, then the vampire, most likely, simply refused to meet with you, having decided that you were disturbing him. In this case, you will not only need to burn all the things for the ritual, but also apologize to the creature for disturbing you. To do this, go out on the same night with another person who did not participate in the ritual, at a road intersection. Turn your back to the crossroads and throw a few gold coins over your shoulder, saying “Paid!”.

In addition, you can try to find the old secret books on black magic - they must contain various spells, including for turning into vampires.

If you could not find the right books or a real vampire who could turn you,then you can get closer to the cherished image of a “bloodsucker” in real life with the help of some simple techniques that everyone can do.

Change appearance

If you watch famous movies and TV shows about vampires, read books on this topic, you will learn that such fantastic creatures always stand out from other people with their appearance.

  • Use powder and concealer to give the face the most pale tint.
  • It is better to dye your hair in a rich dark color - this will make the image more gothic. However, you can leave and light shade.
  • Get colored lenses for the eyes - lenses of light blue or light green will look very impressive along with dark strands of hair and snow-white skin.
  • Choose black clothes, dark or deep red varnishes for manicure.
  • If there is a financial opportunity, it is possible with the assistance of the dentist to increase fangs.

Behavior and habits

Of course, vampires are different and very special behavior.

  • Avoid noisy companies, friendships, and generally avoid people.
  • Your favorite time of day should be the night.Try not to appear on the street during the day - vampires can not stand the sunlight.
  • Make your own jewelry or order a coffin from a ritual store. Put it in the room and use it as a bed.
  • Vampires are very agile, strong creatures. So, you will need to pay a lot of attention to the training of physical strength.
  • For vampires, the ability to control people, read their thoughts and desires is very important. Here will help a variety of manuals on neuro-linguistic and energy management. Such skills will also help you become an energy vampire - a person who is able to provoke the most negative feelings and thoughts in other people, “sucking” life force and energy.