How to become perfect?

Any girl dreams of being the best for her young man, satisfying all his pretensions. If you know your chosen one well enough, it is not so difficult for him to become more attractive. In this article we will give you some tips on how to be perfect in many aspects.

Ideal figure

Many women’s magazines vied with each other that men love women with large bust. However, think for yourself what a frail short-size girl with a fourth-sized breast looks like. Correct, inharmonious. From here follows the first tip: be natural, but do not run your figure. Accuracy in nutrition, as well as adequate physical exertion (fitness, yoga or just gymnastics at home) - this is the key to a fit and natural figure. And about the size of the chest complexes, in principle, not worth it, there are a lot of men who, on the contrary, love small breasts.

One of the most problematic areas in the female figure is the hips and buttocks. Consider some effective exercises.which will help remove excess fat from the hips and tighten their shape.

  • Half-bridge is a simple exercise that perfectly strengthens the buttocks and the back of the legs. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put your hands along the body. Then raise the pelvis, lifting the lower back, back and shoulders from the floor, to such an extent, until the top of the body does not form a single line with the legs. Dip to the starting position. Do the exercise 20 times.
  • Squats are a great exercise for the hips and buttocks, but it is important to do it properly. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight, and stretch your arms forward. Slowly sit down, making sure that your knees are left behind your toes, and the heels do not open from the floor, then rise as slowly. Do the exercise 10-20 times.
  • Lunges will strengthen not only the hips and buttocks, but also the front surface of the legs. Stand with your hands on your belt, with your right foot step forward and slowly squat, the knee of your left foot almost touches the floor at this time. Then change legs. Do the exercise 20 times for each leg.

Perfect appearance

How many women do with themselves, trying to become more beautiful: this is harmful hair coloring, painful epilation, hours in beauty salons and a tidy sum for procedures and operations.But, are all these works worth the end result? Many men sincerely think that a girl without make-up is much more beautiful than with him, they are perplexed if they find out what shortcomings of their appearance women struggle with, because from a masculine point of view this is not a shortcoming at all.

Therefore advice: if you want to know about how to become the perfect girl for your chosen one, ask him what he likes about you and what you would like to fix. A confidential conversation on many things will open your eyes. However, a number of general rules are still to be observed:

  • Keep track of your skin, clean, moisturize and nourish it in the morning and evening.
  • Keep your body and hair clean. Scruffy girls, few people like it.
  • Choose clothes of the right size and style.
  • Know what colors to suit you and what not. And when choosing clothes and makeup, proceed from this.

Perfect character

But appearance and figure is not the most important thing. When it comes to long-term relationships, they often fade into the background, giving way to character and habits. Most of the men, in response to the question of which girl is ideal in their opinion, will name a lot of personal qualities, as well as habits, among which we can highlight something in common.So, consider how to become an ideal woman in terms of character.

  • Softness. Whatever a woman says to her chosen one, it is important to do it calmly and correctly. Many men do not allow a woman to swear.
  • Do not criticize a man, they, in principle, are very sensitive to criticism, moreover, if he is bad at something, for example, he earns little, then, most likely, he himself understands this and is working to correct the situation. If you still want to convey to the man that he is wrong in something, pick up strong arguments and gently state them to him.
  • Mind. Most men, even saying that they love stupid, actually prefer women with intelligence. It is important for them that their life partner could understand them and maintain a dialogue on various topics.
  • Fidelity. Men appreciate when a woman is infinitely faithful to them, not only physically, but also spiritually.
  • Self-confidence. Men do not like female habits to doubt and look for evidence of their attractiveness, mind and other qualities.
  • Do not gossip. Men do not like being discussed behind their backs.
  • Inspire your man to feats. Actually, many men would not mind if their life partner did not work, and devoted their time to ensure their life, self-care and self-development.

And finally.