How to blind herringbone

You will need
  • - plasticine;
  • - foil;
  • - toothpicks.
First, take a brown plasticine and blind stump. A stump should be wide enough and stable, otherwise your composition will simply roll on its side. Make hemp roots - this will help the tree to become more sustainable, and it will look natural.
Now stick a toothpick into the stump. This will be the axis of your tree, on which you will string the cones of fir branches. Toothpick should be deeply stuck in the stump, so that the crown is not outweighed, and the tree does not turn over.
Build a few green cones of different sizes. Flatten each cone a bit. Make spruce legs, pressing the clay inside the cone and making the edges uneven. String cones on a toothpick, starting with the largest and completing a neat tip.
Now take the second toothpick and start drawing needles. You can simply press vertical stripes on each cone, or you can draw a more complex pattern of fir branches.
It remains the most pleasant part.Now you need to decorate yourherringboneYou can do this with the help of any available tools. From the remains of plasticine of various colors, make balls and hang them on the Christmas tree. Attach a red star to the top. Cut rain out of foil and decorate it with New Year's beauty. Here is your Christmas tree and is ready.
If you want a souvenir to live long, blindherringbonenot from plasticine, but from polymer clay. The only difference is that in this case you should not make a rain of foil, because the product you have to bake. But you can make a hole in the top toherringbonecould be hanged. Put theherringbonein the oven and at a temperature of 110 degrees hold there for half an hour. The gift is ready.