How to breed worms?

The worm is one of the best and universal baits. On it during the open water period, you can catch different fish. The worm is also good in the winter, in particular, when fishing for bream, for which a few worms are a favorite delicacy.

If you live in a large city, digging up worms for fishing can be impossible, even in summer. Not to mention the winter. It remains to buy, but the price of a worm in winter becomes more than high. In this case, you have to catch either a cheaper bait, or try to breed the worms yourself.

How to dissolve earthworms

For storage and breeding of earthworms, you need to use strong containers. You can use ordinary buckets or pots. There are specialized containers for breeding worms. They are very convenient, but you can do without them, using more affordable tools.

In the capacity for worms you need to lay the ground, poor in humus. Moreover, the land in which the earthworms live must be mixed regularly, and the richer the earth is with humus, the more difficult it is to do it carefully.It is also recommended that the earth be without roots and leaves.

Many advise pouring gravel or sand on the bottom of the surface. We draw your attention to the fact that this is strictly prohibited. Sand is absolutely contraindicated, as grains of sand can damage the digestive system of the worms, and gravel or sand will create difficulties when mixed.

Regular mixing of the soil is necessary for the welfare of the worms. The fact of the matter is that worms often try to stray into tight piles, while highlighting mucus. Inside this heap, the temperature rises, the conditions for breathing deteriorate, and the worms begin to die. To avoid this, it is advisable to shuffle the ground with your hands, and if you find such a handful, gently shake it.

The issue of feeding worms is also very important. Strangely enough, worms are omnivorous, and you can feed them with various food wastes, remnants of cereals, crumbling bread, kefir, cottage cheese, any food will do, most importantly, so that they are not salty. If you have a desire to specially cook for worms, then the best solution would be hercules. You can also feed worms and bran, - they are now easy to buy, and they are cheaper than the Hercules. For one ten-liter bucket grabs 4 handfuls of bran or rolled oats.

A very important task is not to let the ground dry out. It should be regularly moistened with water. This should be done very carefully, an excess or lack of moisture can cause the death of worms.

You can feed the worms once a week, but you need to irrigate and mix the earth in 2-3 days. It depends on many factors, for example, on the humidity in the apartment and on the air temperature. If a lump of earth in the hand is not frayed, and water does not protrude from it, then the humidity for the worms is more than comfortable.

So, we already know how to breed worms for fishing, but we must strive to ensure that the stock of worms constantly has a natural regeneration. Simply put, it is necessary that the worms not only live, but also multiply. To stimulate reproduction, you can add low-fat milk, kefir or cottage cheese to the diet of worms.

Now you know how to breed worms. After all, every angler dreams of having an unlimited supply of beautiful nozzle on hand. Successful fishing!