How to brew a body

You will need
  • - carbon dioxide semiautomatic;
  • - degreaser;
  • - welding wire;
  • - suit of the welder.
For high-quality welding, use carbon dioxide semi-automatic. The use of an alternating current apparatus with electrodes is possible only for coarse welding with a thick seam on thick iron, and onbodye such iron is absent, except that it is possible to weld spars or increase vehicle thresholds, that is, any iron with a thickness greater than 10 mm.
You can make welding with carbon dioxide semi-automatic without even having extensive experience as a welder. If instead of carbon dioxide you apply argon, then you can make welding works of non-ferrous metals, such as brass, aluminum and stainless steel.
Before welding, completely remove paint frombodya, degrease all welds with a special degreaser designed for processingbodyand before painting work. You can buy it in any car store.All removable parts, such as doors, boil, removing from the car.
If you weld overheads to reinforce sills, side members, or any partbodya, then measure all the necessary parts firstbodyand that you are going to strengthen, cut the iron of the right size, degrease all overhead parts.
Charge the welding wire in a semiautomatic device. Use copper wire or, in extreme cases, self-shielding or flux containing a protective flux. Set the desired polarity of the current, when using flux-cored wire - minus on the torch, plus on the clamp. Connect the machine to the mains. Set the desired feed rate, fasten the desired tip, screw it tightly with pliers, connect carbon dioxide and start cooking.
If you weld reinforcing plates, then perform welding work first around the entire perimeter of the sides and only then weld the width of the plates.
When welding without reinforcing plates, work very carefully so that the seam is as even and invisible as possible.
After welding, grind all seams, primer and paint work.