How to call Spain?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
August 2, 2012
How to call Spain?

You just need to call Spain, but you have no idea how to do this, because you do not know the country code? We will help you to find out how to call Spain.

The action algorithm depends on where you are calling from and from which phone to this country.

From Russia:

  • Using a mobile phone, dial +34 and the subscriber's number, if you call to a mobile phone, or +34, after the area code, then the subscriber's number when calling to a landline.
  • When using a landline phone: 8 10 34, then the area code, then the subscriber number (to a landline phone); or a combination of 8 10 34, then the number of the subscriber (on a mobile phone).

From Spain you need to dial the number of the subscriber, and if you are calling to another city, the city code and number of the subscriber.

Helpful information

  • 8 - long distance call
  • 10 - international call
  • 34 - the code of Spain.
  • Codes of the main cities of Spain: Madrid - 91, Barcelona - 93, Valencia - 96, Bilbao - 94, Alicante - 965, Granada - 958, Malaga - 95, Seville - 95.

Now you know how to call Spain.If you are traveling to this country to travel, it is more expedient to purchase a local SIM card.